RM 7.7 helps the situation quite a bit, and some migration/testing tips

I was able to install RM 7.7 and get my RM7 environment working again. Since I didn’t disconnect my tree from Ancestry I was able to logon and use TreeShare to take the few entries I’d managed to do in RM 8.0.1 and now they are back in RM7.

Then I was able to run through my normal workflow on RM7 and both Ancestry and FamilySearch seemed to be working at “normal” speeds. I did some more RM7 cleanup and synced RM7 using TreeShare, then went back to my RM8 database and synced those changes back to RM8.

While this process won’t help with Source and Place cleanups, it will allow me to test in both environments without having to throw away much work.

I know there’s a certain crew that gets a bad case of the vapors every time someone suggests using Ancestry for anything, it does offer a “relatively” easy way to work in RM7 and RM8 simultaneously without losing too much data.