Basic pokiness on both Ancestry and Family Search

After my forced migration to RM8 I’ve been working on some cleanup that I normally would have done pre-migration. When the whole Ancestry debacle with RM7 hit I was in the middle of some work but was able to migrate and not lose all my matched Ancestry entries (yay!). The changes were properly tracked and I was able to sync them via TreeShare to my tree.

Unfortunately working with Ancestry and Family Search in RM8 has been glacially slow. After doing an “accept” in TreeShare the form will freeze for nearly a minute. It works, but you have to wait it out. Similar issue with Family Search. I bring up someone to “match” them and people aren’t showing up, then they do after a wait, but nothing is shown for the “matched” person. I know the person is there because they show up if I look at their parent In Family Search).

Since I can’t go back to RM7 to check I don’t know if this is only an RM8 issue. When I go into FTM sync in there works. I can log into Family Search normally, it’s just through RM8 (8.0.1) where it’s wonky but it’s difficult to compare because the workflow I use in RM isn’t the same as you’d use logging into the web sites (or using FTM).

Anyone else seeing this issue?


I did a few more tests this afternoon. My theory is there’s an issue with the communications calls RM is using in general, either they’re not properly capturing the return event or there is some other handshake issue in the individual selections. For example on Family Search adding a child to parents via the FS “Share” form would add the child fairly quickly, but it could be a minute or more before you could do anything else. Likewise with Ancestry if you are looking through a list of source and accept one, it could be a minute or more before you can do anything else, including closing the form or switching windows.

In addition, when you’ve completed a TreeShare session the last entry remains on the screen event though the “changed” list is empty.

Just curious, who forced you to migrate to RM8? As far as I know RM7 still works and using RM8 is a personal choice.

The ‘forced migration’ is most likely a reference to the fact the Ancestry and RM7 had a falling out. This issue was not fixed until just a little while ago. This issue prevented use of Ancestry we hints and Treeshare, which to some of us does matter.

If you used TreeShare RM7 was too unstable to use, and the only option to get stability back was to disconnect from Ancestry which would force a death the 1,000,000 clicks to reconnect after you migrated. Since RM issued a statement last week that no further updates to RM7 would be forthcoming I had no choice but to upgrade. Apparently RM has reconsidered their decision so I’ll see later today if that works. Interestingly enough, if the RM 7.7 actually works with TreeShare I could likely run RM7 and RM8 at the same time and use TreeShare to push changes back and forth (once Ancestry in RM8 gets fast enough for normal use).

Keith, I am also having the same issue with trying to sync data between RM8 and FamilySearch. I can push the change from RM to FamilySearch, but then it doesn’t show up in the sync window and/or takes a very long time. But if I go to the FamilySearch website, I can see that the change has been made.

I can’t get TreeShare to work at all for me on RM8 (using latest update,
running Big Sur OS on a Mac

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Not just you. I too have noticed that with RootsMagic 8.0.1, it takes quite a bit longer than with RM7.6.5.0. I am debating going back to my older version, which seems to work much better and faster.

As an update I’ve installed RM 7.7 and I’m back to using RM 7.7 as my primary database. What’s interesting is I can go through a bunch of updates in RM 7.7 using my old workflow, sync them with TreeShare to Ancestry, then sync them to my 8.0.1 database also using TreeShare. The actual “sync” part of TreeShare seems to work pretty well on 8.0.1, it’s the hints portion of Ancestry and the individual interactions with FamilySearch that seem to be glacially slow. That said, I can add a family from Family Search, upload it to Ancestry, match all the primary sources in Ancestry, sync all the updates back to Ancestry after some place standardization, and then sync all those updates to 8.0.1 via TreeShare faster that I can do all those operations only in 8.0.1.

I’m having similar issues.

My ancestry sync is fine although I think I’ve lost the matches - I’m getting tons of people coming up and there is no difference between the RM8 and Ancestry records. I’m curious about the issue a couple of you mentioned. I hadn’t heard of anything and I’m new to the support board. I’m only up to D so far after a week of plugging away on resolving the sync items (it would be nice to see how many records were actually in the filters). I have thought about blowing away the whole database on Ancestry and starting over (I still might as it’s going to take literally forever to finish this).

My Rootsmagic sync is a totally different situation. It is snail slow (on my 2020 M1 8GB MacBook) taking several minutes to load if at all. It seems to freeze the whole system about 50% of the time resulting in having to close the window and get out of the Rootsmagic sync window (then Rootsmagic comes back to life). I’m hoping another update might solve the issue because it’s basically unusable at present (currently on

No problems at all with TreeShare in RM8 - works just as RM7 for me. Don’t sync with FamilySearch so can’t comment

I am having this problem too. I have a new M1 MacBook and it RootsMagic8 freezes every time I want to share a fact. Please fix!