Ancestry changes affecting RootsMagic?

I’ve been having an odd issue lately where when I run RootsMagic on my MacPro (2013 Trashcan version) running Monterey 12.6.7 TreeShare works fine, and relatively quickly. When I run the same database on my MacBook Pro (16 inch, 2019 version) running Ventura 13.5 TreeShare stalls at 36%, I hit retry and it gets to 56% and then stalls. It runs very slowly in between. Both are pretty beefy machines, 64GB/32GB memory respectively with 2TB SSDs. Both at RM 9.0.6.

At first I thought it was wireless vs wired as my MacPro is hardwired, and my MacBook Pro using Wifi, so I turned off wifi on the MacBook Pro and retested. Same issue.

Then I thought it was Monterey vs Ventura, which is still a possibility, but no googling finds the problem. Normal hints activity still works on both.

Then I get this from Family Tree Maker this morning:

Thanks for your patience! Green syncing weather is just a few days away. We’ve worked with Ancestry engineers to create a free update to FTM 2019 that will allow it to handle the changes made on Ancestry’s side. We plan to start rolling out the extensively beta-tested update to version 24.2.2 in a couple of days"

Is RootMagic aware of changes made on Ancestry side, and are they planning an update to address it? May not fix my problem, but it’s curious if it’s in the pipeline.

FTM has had an orange warning not to sync for 6 months. Apparently ancestry changed this api and mackiev took this long to respond with a fix. During this time you could safely sync small files and RM9 had no trouble uploading on a fast internet connection so they either use a different api or interface differently. RM9 failed to upload new trees for me on a slower internet service due to some kind of timeout issue while FTM was happy either way.

This long delayed FTM update may also include some serious bug fixes like not merging sources in Ventura.

Yes, I’ve been using FTM the entire time, and it works “fine” even on my large file although I really only use it to check my Ancestry tree and use it’s dup checking and certain maintenance where it seems better than RootsMagic’s. FTM will also easily remove description fields that are blank, where RootsMagic will not (i.e. you have death description of Y, you clear it in RM and it won’t clear it in Ancestry, but you clear it in FTM and it will).

I tested recently just to see if talking to Ancestry was in general an issue on my MacBook Pro. As I mentioned I normally do my work on my Mac Pro and only recently did a bunch of work on my MacBook Pro while I was traveling. FTM is relatively ancient, and hasn’t been my main tool for nearly a decade, but it is useful in these situations, including testing here to see Ancestry connectivity in general.

Since Mackiev took over FTM it has become a robust stable tool with updates in 2019, 2022 and now two more in 2023. Rootsmagic is potentially a more powerful program but much clumsier to use and currently unacceptably unstable on mac.