Syncing with Ancestry

I have Rootsmagic 7 and no desire to upgrade. But I would like to sync with Ancestry, and I can’t make it happen. Whenever I try, it says “Ancestry is not responding”. If I try to close the window I get the choice to Let pending operations continue or Cancel pending operations. The pending operations never finish even if I let them run for several hours, and I never reach a point where I have actually signed in to Ancestry using Rootsmagic. If I cancel the pending operations, Rootsmagic freezes and I have to use Task Manager to close the program. This has been going on for months and I’ve tried to sign in dozens of times. It’s my understanding that Rootsmagic in general does not have a sync problem with Ancestry, so apparently it just doesn’t like me. Can this be fixed?

The only thing that I actually want to do with the sync process is to download my Ancestry tree every now and then as a backup. I do NOT want to overwrite the Rootsmagic 7 trees on my computer with the Ancestry file, and I don’t want to overwrite my Ancestry tree with my Rootsmagic tree. I’m thinking that it might solve the problem if I installed Rootsmagic Essentials and used that to download the Ancestry tree. I would continue using Rootsmagic 7 for the existing trees on my computer, unless I fall in love with the updated software and decide I want to upgrade to Rootsmagic 9 for everything. My question is: can these two different versions of Rootsmagic coexist peacefully on my Windows 10 computer, or will they interfere with each other?

You can have RM7 and RM9 on both computers. Though the issue you have with Ancestry not responding may or may not be resolved if you are using the same computer. More than likely you have some security software that is blocking RM’s access to the internet. Check your antivirus software, and that you only have one installed, and check the firewall to make sure RM is allowed.