Ancestry Sign In Issue

I have been tediously going through syncing a tree with Ancestry. From time to time I will encounter a person who is duplicated in RM8 so I back out, merge the people, then return to Syncing. At that time I get a long message about how I am not longer connected to Ancestry.

The only solution seems to be to close the file and start over. When I do that, I am asked to sign in to Ancestry again, even though I have checked the box to sign in automatically and not go through the sign in process again.

Development is aware of automatic login not working. Use the option to remember your login instead. We have also seen the connection to the Ancestry server terminated, while it should remain the full session. Not sure what is happening there yet. It’s random so it could just be a server issue for Ancestry.

Thank you. At least now I know it’s not me.