Ancestry Login on RM7 Stopped Working

Hi I am looking for some advice about my RM7 version, it has stopped allowing me to log into Ancestry, this started about a week ago. The FamilySearch option still works.

I can log into Ancestry on the new RM8 version so I don’t think its an issue with my laptop.

Any advice would be great…

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This was an unannounced change on Ancestry’s end in their API. Contrary to some user speculation, the fact that this happened at the same time that RootsMagic 8 was released is completely coincidental. :man_shrugging:

We’ve been gathering information about the problem and have let Ancestry know what we’ve found. We’re hoping that they can fix it on their end. We’ve also been looking to see if it is possible for us to fix this in an update to RootsMagic 7.

Hopefully, we’ll have some news soon.


It has stopped for me too. If I try to log in to Ancestry RM7 freezes and I have to close it down with Task Manager. Last time it refused to open my main database stating I was trying to write to a read only database. A reboot has fixed that this time but I am reluctant to try syncing again until I can be reassured that it is fixed. Seems a bit of a coincidence that this happened the day RM8 launched. Makes me wonder whether Ancestry has closed their API file to RM7. Frustrating. By unticking the Ancestry boxes in File Properties I can still use RM7 but obviously not sync my trees.

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Hi Mike, Thanks for this information, at least I know its not something Im doing wrong…

Hi Charlie, thanks for the Files Property suggestion, I will try that, its more frustrating to have the whole thing freezing than the fact that I can’t update the trees so hopefully this will help.

I did wonder if it was a coincidence when I realized the RM8 had been released…

Thanks Mike. Fingers crossed…

Thanks, Mike… hoping it can be fixed, more for your sake than mine.

Same issue - cannot login to Ancestry using RM7. Yet RM8 login is OK.

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I have just opened my RM7 and it has a new update which seems to have fixed to Ancestry login problem…

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Just an update: after quite a bit of detective work on our part and that of Ancestry engineers, we tracked down the problem. Ancestry’s API itself didn’t change, but a server did. The quickest solution was for us to make a change on our end. We’ve put out an update (RootsMagic 7.7.0) which should fix the problem.


Thanks for the update. It fixed my TreeShare problem with RM7. Since I still cannot connect to Ancestry using RM8, I’m going to go back to using RM7 until that issue is resolved. (I have reported my error to support.)

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Same problem. Have tried multiple fixes including trying to create a new RM7 DB and then signing into ANC from there. RM7 would not accept the proposed file name for the new database. Said it had illegal characters. Not so. Not sure what to try next.

Thanks Mike.
RM update 7.7.0 works fine for me and has fixed my Ancestry sync problem. All I have to do now is update 60+ people…

i couldnt log into ancestry from roots magic 7. I realized that there was not a way to put the 2 step id code sent by ancestry into roots magic 7. went into ancestry and disabled 2 step verification at ancestry and was able to log into ancestry from roots magic. suggestion: after get what you need from ancestry you can go back and enable the 2 step verifcation to help keep your ancestry account save.

With Ancestry TreeShare if you want to use two-step verification just append the code they send you to the end of your password, with no spaces.