(More) Ancestry Login Issues

Since updating to
(a) RM8 no longer automatically logs in to Ancestry at start up, although the tick box was previously ticked.
(b) Seems to work OK once logged in again manually, however
(c) After (undefined) period of time the login credentials seem to get lost, get RM error messages that I have a linked tree but am not logged in to view it. Can’t then log back into Ancestry from within RM either.
(d) Close down and restart RM, the same cycle repeats.

Windows 10, latest updates, Edge browser.

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I had the same problem as far as item #a and item #b after updating to I don’t know yet about item #c. So far, my Ancestry credentials are continuing to work.

Same - submitted a support ticket 29/10/2022.

(a) Same problem for me. On a Mac running under OS 12.6.1 (latest Monterey). No problem signing into Ancestry but it’s annoying having to do it every time I open RM

It’s a similiar situation with FTM, you have to logout and login to Ancestry to be able to connect to your Ancestry tree.

And it doesn’t “just sign in”. It also goes through the TreeShare comparison process to look for changes. That can take a while.

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Happily that doesn’t take too long, as I usually run TreeShare at the end of every RM session.
I should say that I only ever share up to Ancestry, never vice versa

Yes — I only have 13K people – but I imagine for some that process takes A LONG time.

And it doesn’t “just sign in”. It also goes through the TreeShare comparison process to look for changes. That can take a while.

Here’s mine …

a) RM8 logs into Ancestry for TreeShare but chokes with “can’t find file with this login account”
b) Created new RM8 file, logged in fine & downloaded Ancestry tree.
c) Closed the new file and opened the prior file, TreeShare now works fine

Chalk it up to Halloween ghosts - BOO lol

did support ticket. mac monterey last update fails to save familysearch and ancestry login information even when set up and logged in correctly. You have to repeat login each time the database is opened.

Response I have received today from ticket I submitted.
Thank you for your feedback. We are confirming that this change regarding automatic login has been reported to development. Confirming it will remember your username and password still.
RootsMagic, Inc.

I am now unable to log in to Ancestry via Treeshare - asks for password and then freezes. Was working okay yesterday (other than having to log in every time since recent update). What is the problem causing this?

Automatic login and being able to login are two separate things. I continue to be able to login to Ancestry. This has the appearance of a server issue with Ancestry, like it did last time. Hopefully they will resolve it soon.

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An awful lot of RM8 issues reported are “hopefully they will resolve it soon” referring to 3rd parties.

…and apparently they did resolve it!

are… obviously outside the “complete” control of RootsMagic. Logic says that if the program WAS working with Ancestry or FamilySearch or My Heritage AND there’s been no upgrade to RootsMagic’s installation that could possibly affect such operations… then the ball isn’t in RootsMagic’s side of the court, it’s in the other parties’ side either having changed the rules or paused their play.

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