Ancestry Login Issue (11/11/2022)

Ancestry is experiencing issues that may affect your ability to use TreeShare right now.

I use MacBook Pro with Apple M-1 chip and Ventura Operating System…
I began to use RootsMagic with RM6 then purchased RM7 and now I am with RM8. It used to be easy to sign in to Ancestry and receive Web-hints. It was simple and worked. If the hints were appropriate they could be saved. I cannot put my finger on when simplicity changed but I believe it was after RM8.2.7 upgrade; now I cannot access anything on Ancestry via RootsMagic 8. I have checked all the suggested remedies without luck. I hope this Ancestry problem can be corrected soon.

Automatic login is not currently turned on. You will need to login to TreeShare under Publish, Ancestry TreeShare to receive hints. Check the box to remember your password and not the automatic login option.