Ancestry sign-in

MY copy of Rootsmagic 8 seems to keep forgetting the option to ‘automatically log in’ to

I am running version

Known issue and has been reported.

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I dont think that is an improvement ? why on earth would they disable that feature ?

It wasn’t turned off as an improvement but rather a development need.

This is my first post, and I realize this is an old thread; however, I am experiencing the same problem on RM 9. It requires that I sign into every time I sync my Ancestry file to RM. Just wanted to confirm that this continues to be a known issue without any workaround.

No change from the above. An initial sign-in is required with each RM session. I expect that the fix will be listed in the feature announcement once the issue is resolved.

I doubt it because based on what Renee has previously said on Facebook, this isn’t broken in their opinion so it isn’t going to be fixed. It is just the new normal in Rootsmagicland.

That does not sound good - the objective should always facility of use. I am new to RM - coming from FTM for over 20 years. The only reason that caused me to come was an unfortunate accident with my FTM data file and backup - lost it all. FTM has not allowed me to download my file; they are aware of the problem and have been for several years but have yet to fix the problem. I am finding the switch to RM to be difficult. Comparatively, it seems far more complicated to use and the SYNC options are certainly more difficult than necessary.
I hope RM becomes more customer focused and committed to making it easier to use. With the two-step verification process, SYNCing is a pain.

to download to FTM you need the current version 2019. Surely you have a backup file , gedcom file or computer backup you could access. I use FTM and am syncing OK despite Orange status with a small file and a fast connection. Your experience with RM9 being hard to use, requiring many clicks and an exhausting manual sync process is “normal”. Apparently you have yet to enjoy the remaining many bugs, crashes and lockups.

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Unfortunately, my predicament is a confluence of multiple layers of being unlucky with a heavy dose of personal stupidity. I was working overseas and had a left my FTM file at home on my computer. I thought I could just handle my research through Ancestry. I am gone for a few years, upon my return, my computer has crashed with my wife and my back up thumb drives (DRIVES) had all been either disposed of, copied over, or made unusable. So, my FTM file was now gone with the wind. I thought I could just easily download it from Ancestry anew. Assumptions make an ass out of me and FTM. My file has over 25,000 names and has over 15 thousand media files - the majority family pictures collected over a twenty-year period of genealogy work.
FTM has a bug in it that prevents the file from being downloaded. FTM has been aware of this problem for several years and the several upgrades have not addressed the problem. This has prevented me from publishing “books” for family members and giving reports of all kinds to distant family that have requested them.
I have been a dedicated fan of FTM the entire time I have been doing genealogy. It is relatively easy to use, intuitive, and easy doing research. Legacy was okay, but RM9 is not easy, not intuitive, BUT I was at least able to download a file that I could begin to use and publish reports. That is my whine for today. Hope all is well.

Not signing into Ancestry on startup of RM is not a problem for me. No big deal.

However, lately while using Tree Share I have had to sign in again every time I use Tree Share or make a change or do a new search and often when returning to Tree Share after doing something else. Then I often get an “Unable to login to Ancestry” message which requires closing RM and re-starting.

Also, the search box in Tree Share often does not work. Typing a name to search either does nothing or it asks me to sign in again and when I do it does not complete the search, just returns to the top of the list. I know it will not find unchanged people if the box to only show changed people is checked, but sometimes it cannot find a name that is changed.

This is getting very frustrating.

Using RM (9 Mar 2023)

Check your security software and see if it is blocking RM access to the internet. Especially if you have more than one security package. Windows Defender may still be turning on.

If Ancestry’s servers are flicking on and off, or your internet provider is you can also have this happen.

I have been watching this over the last few days. I cannot find anywhere in the security settings that is blocking Ancestry or RM. However, the problem seems to have resolved somehow. It does re-sign in to Ancestry everytime I leave TreeShare, but it does so automatically now. Perhaps necessary to rescan for changes. Anyway, no longer as irritating.