RM7 - 8 "insurance"

I’ve noticed that quite a few people, for one reason or another, are staying with RM7 for the time being, but have plans in the future to move to RM8. I’m one of these people too!

I guess the issue with this approach is that something could happen in RM7, similar to the recent Ancestry issue. As I understand it, (and I don’t use treeshare or import from Family Search so I may be massively off track here), this meant that the most recent data in RM7 didn’t transfer across to RM8 and some had to resort to older backups to get their data into RM8 and start working on Ancestry again.

To overcome this potential issue, I’ve started importing my RM7 file into RM8 at the end of each day, when I also perform my backups and gedcoms. Each evening I “archive” the previous days RM8 file and then reimport a new one from RM7.

It’s another backup of my RM7 file so to speak and is just another form of insurance, if for some reason, RM7 couldn’t import all the data across to RM8 when I choose to migrate.

I’m writing this as it saddens me so much when I hear that people have lost or are unable to access their precious family history databases. But I also know that there will be times when unexpected issues cannot be fixed by the team at RM (indeed there will be no more updates to RM7). It’s a way that we can take control of unexpected situations.


That sounds like belt & suspenders but seems like unwarranted activity better directed elsewhere, such as storing backups in multiple locations. The issue between RM7 and Ancestry disrupted TreeShare transfers and Ancestry WebHints but there should have been no catastrophic data losses. If any one Tree or RM database was corrupted, recovery was possible from a recent backup or a fresh TreeShare upload or download once it was fixed. RM8 imports from a RM7 database file without assistance from the RM7 app so the latter could be crippled or absent. So, the RM7 failure to connect to Ancestry caused panic and anger among some users and a few days suspension of related activities but no serious impact on data.

Some are waiting for the bleeding edge of the new version to pass, a good strategy with new software unless it offers advantages worth the pain and risk. For others reliant on RM7 features not yet delivered in RM8 (I call it 8-Minus), they have to wait until they are provided, e.g., book publisher, chart editor, …, or seek supplementary or alternative software.


Hi @TomH , thanks so much for your post and I was really reassured to hear that “RM8 imports from a RM7 database file without assistance from the RM7 app so the latter could be crippled or absent”. That was really reassuring indeed!! Thank you for providing this explanation.

I do store backups in multiple locations and thought that this was one extra step that could be taken to “secure” the data before transfer to RM8, but it seems, like you say, that perhaps it’s overkill.

There again, perhaps I’m a belt and suspenders kinda person :rofl:

problem with ancestry is that they changed their api which RM must mesh with to share data and hints up and down. No data loss and no need for daily import/saves.

You are using belt and suspenders without understanding that you are not wearing pants!

Problem in the near future is RM7 stopping to work at all. Mac users get a new OS annually in November a\whichwould require Bruce to buy an expensive new wrapper for RM7 from Codeweavers. PC users see a new os once or twice a decade and do not need a wrapper.

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Oh @Rooty I laughed so much when I read that I’m “using belt and suspenders without understanding that you are not wearing pants!”. Thanks for absolutely making my day!! It brings a smile each time I read this :blush:

And if I’ve interpreted that correctly, the suggestion is that I’m doing all this saving and backing up without knowing what I’m really doing or why (which is entirely correct!!) :blush:

But……I guess I just shared this strategy as I’m not sure of the inner workings of the dark arts of computers, but I do think that if we try and safeguard from unexpected issues as much as we can by taking some control and ownership, that has got to be a good thing!

With the assurances that both you and @TomH have provided, I’m less stressed about my “extra step RM7 to RM8 backup each night process" (but I might still continue it – I’ve got a very small database so the whole process doesn’t take too long at all). Gotta keep those non-existant pants up!!! :rofl: :rofl:

Thanks once again guys, I so much appreciate all your comments and guidance, I really do!

Just a note that “belt and suspenders without wearing pants” has a slightly different meaning on this side of the pond!

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RM8 early in the community beta testing did trash some people’s database but they were clearly warned not to risk their real database at that time.

If you have a computer backup routine then you are covered. On a mac I use 2 time machine backups, pay for backblaze cloud backup service and do 2 manual backups every 10 days to thumb drives. My records are entirely digital so backups are essential. Years ago my mac died and I found that my TM backup was no good and my clone backup would not work on a new mac. Only an old drive I was about to erase but which had a TM backup on it saved my bacon.

A good easy way to get more comfortable with a computer is buy a $20 book like Teach yourself visually macbook pro…imac…mac os catalina on amazon. One of these will give you the basic concepts and point out features you are unaware of. Some you will choose to ignore and others will be useful. Another resource is a mac user group like NMUG with weekly zoom presentations and a user forum.

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This I got to hear! Do tell!

We use the term “belt and braces” over here. Suspenders are those items that the fair sex used to use to hold up their nylon stockings (hose?) and as still used today by can-can dancers. Oh, and we don’t tend to use the word pants for the outer item of clothing - they are what is worn underneath. Hope that helps, subject closed.

Darn, I was expecting something a bit more saucy!

Thanks for sharing, Terry. My daughter is an American living in the UK (Scotland), and I sometimes feel like I need a foreign language dictionary! Your “suspenders” are “garters” here in the U.S. I suppose our “pants” are your “trousers”.

But “garters” too mean something else on this side of the pond … at least they do in Ireland!