RM 9.1.0 and 9.1.1 - thanks

Having just installed RM 9.1.1 I would like to thank and congratulate the RM team for doing such a good job on the groups (9.1.0), advanced search (9.1.1) and other features. Speeding things up like this, cutting out sources of error (not updating living flag from treeshare 9.1.0) and managing the relationship with FS more elegantly (9.1.1) may seem like small things, but they add up and together make a significant improvement.

There are still some areas of inefficiency to deal with (I would highlight exchanging data with FS) or which require too much manual intervention (I would highlight exchanging data with Ancestry) and places where data can be corrupted (I would highlight adding two children or spouses with the same names from Ancestry) or messed up (eg adding existing parents via the add father and add mother buttons).

If the team can make equivalent progress on these and other things, RM will become that much better again.

PS I have to add a tag to this post, and don’t see one for ‘thanks’.


Just to add to Alan’s post. I’m an out-of-work software developer who has been a happy, if picky, RootsMagic user for many years. My subjective impression is that the RootsMagic dev team has been pushing out fixes and improvements at a much faster pace the last nine months or so. I don’t know if this has a basis in reality but certainly my confidence has increased.

thanks again,