Report Problems -

OK now on version

A new Reports bug - generated names in Headers/Footers are now being truncated by one character.

Other ongoing reports issues, so far still uncorrected:

Narrative report: ‘Child’ photos still do not align properly with the text, which for ‘children’ is indented away from the left margin.

Headers/Footers: Codes like [Total] for total number of pages do not function as they did in RM7.

Reports Generally: Inconsistency about which report settings persist between usages of the program and/or inability to set custom defaults for things like box style and font size.

Given that the reports suite is basically identical to the offering in RM7, it is somewhat disappointing that these loose ends and inconsistencies should exist at all.

As we have been told many times, this is a new program, it is NOT RM7. The reports may very well be the same in the list, however, Bruce has said that the report generator had to be re-written from scratch, so while it may be disappointing, I am not overly surprised. You are, after all, still beta testing RM.

“You are, after all, still beta testing RM”. Really? I was under the impression that this was now a live product, all the more disappointing that glitches of this sort persist. When it WAS a still beta product we were provided with a link to a website to report bugs and problems, not so now.


That was sarcasm! Sorry that I didn’t make that clear.

RootsMagic Support See the Home page, Help and Support Box. If you cannot open a Technical support chat there is the option to “Leave a Message” in the lower right corner.

I like the old bug report form also. It is better than the Leave a Message form.

Not sarcasm at all–RM8 is definitely still a beta product at least on the mac.

I especially admire the inability to report those access violation errors via their report problem window. If you click report it your mac locks up and you have to force quit RM8.

Another channel for reporting problems is
Submit a request
on the page
at the upper right, next to Sign In.