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Reports Fonts and Styles now persist, fine.

However if any change is made to the ‘Default Font’, eg on the Individual Report, then the placement of the Header and Footer text is disrupted, i.e. it all overprints in the ‘Left’ position (this is an apparent bug, previously reported but seemingly uncorrected). It could previously be reversed simply by closing and reopening the report, now the misplacement of headers and footers persists, even after the program is closed and restarted.

How is it possible to reset ALL of the reports settings to their original values - the squirlly ‘reset’ button doesn’t appear to do this for all of the changes made to ‘Fonts and Styles’?

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Same issue. Can I reset RM to previous version until they get this fixed?
This was a problem with RM8 when first rolled out and now it is broken again.

I think there are two issues here:
(a) the long standing bug that offsets the Header and Footer text alignments to the left position if ‘default’ fonts are varied, and
(b) the fact that, inexplicably, no provision has been made to restore ‘fonts and styles’ to their original default values if required. Other report settings have been provided with a reset button.

The combination of the two means that the header/footer misalignment cannot now easily be corrected, and one needs to resort to workarounds to produce acceptably formatted reports.

A version of RM8 or of RM7?

You would need the installer for the previous update to stay within RM8. I don’t think superceded updates are available from RM Inc.

The last update for RM7 is on the RM website and you can convert your RM8 database to RM7 with a SQLite script I developed.

Thanks TomH. This is about the latest version (8.2.0) of RM8 rolled out. RM8.1.8 did not have the issue Gunslinger1948 is talking about. It seems to have been introduced again with 8.2.0. It would be nice if I could go back to 8.1.8, until this is fixed.

The issue with the misplacement of headers and footers seems to have been present with all the iterations of RM8 so far. It’s just that because Fonts and Styles settings didn’t persist, the problem went away next time you ran a report. Now the settings persist and no means of resetting them to the original has been provided, you are stuck with misplaced headers and footers.
It can be worked around if you remember that only the ‘left’ headers/footers position is usable, by padding out with sufficient spaces to put items in the place you want them on the page. So my ‘footer’ line is now “[Date] … Page [Page]” with sufficient spaces between to put ‘Page’ in the centre position.