Fan chart style and font not retained in RM8

#RM8 version on Windows 10
I select a person and click PUBLISH and Fan Chart.
I make several changes to the Styles and Fonts until the chart is to my liking.
I then notice an incorrect birth date on the chart and since the publish part is modal(?) I must exit to correct the date. When I return to Publish, all my font and style choices are lost. Other data (e.g. no of generations) is retained correctly.
Now, either this is my fault from lack of understanding or it’s a ‘bug’ in RM.
If someone can correct me then great, thank you.
If it’s a bug, I should report it. That will take time and effort by me.
If, as I suspect, it is a known issue, where do I go to see a list of outstanding issues?
I have searched this forum without luck and am not a FB user.
Is there any other source of known issues?

No, not a bug. For some reason that is the design that was chosen. The reports also do not maintain their settings and need to be chosen every time you run a report. This seems to be problematic for many people, so the best option at this point is to email support and let them know that it isn’t acceptable. Pretty much the only way it will get changed.

Problematic!!! You’re too kind. Downright unusable.
When you say “design that was chosen” - have you any basis for saying this?
I must believe that others think the same as me and have already reported it as a bug.
But I will do as you suggest and email them.
Thank you for your interest.

My basis the pure fact that is what developers put out. There is no bug, it works precisely as it is written to work. There is a big difference in something being a bug and something just being rather dubious design.

Others may well have reported it, however, they did so because they didn’t like the design, not because it didn’t work.

FWIW, I think there are all kinds of desig problems like this and that is the reason why my only usage of RM8 will be if/when the online bits stop working in RM7 due to API changes on the part of FamilySearch/Ancestry/MyHeritage. I will use RM8 to gather hints or treeshare but will use RM7 or Family Historian 7 for my actually work.

Not to beat this to death, but the semantics of what you say are interesting.
Would you agree that we need to see the design specs before we can call it a bug?
If the specs say that changes to the chart layout (i.e. number of generations, shape, orientation, font, styles, etc etc) are to be retained over re-visits to the Publish option, then indeed what is happening is a bug. Most of those parameters are indeed retained, apart from colour, style and font.
So, on that basis, I am inclined to think it is a bug.

It’s been reported, including by me, as a feature request. It works fine, just incompletely. I’d like to set defaults of colour scheme and fonts. It accepts page size (A4 for me) as a default. It would also be nice to be able to copy boxes between trees and move the boxes around on a tree like in RM7. If I want more than the basic RM8 offering, I use Progeny Software’s Charting Companion, current version 8.

Cheers, Jonathan