RM8 Fan Chart Display Issues

I’m trying to generate a 9 generation Fan Chart display on my 27" iMac and the resulting generated chart has all sorts of skewing on the font within the graphic display.

I thought it was a graphic issue (which is surprising since I have plenty of Graphic Ram) only on the iMac display so tried zooming in and printing normally but the print out has skewed print on several of the areas within the Fan Chart still.

Has anyone had this issue?

I’d love to get this to print so it can be sent to FedEx before my Italy trip in three days but looks like I’m going to have to resort to my standby genealogy program, Reunion.

I just generated a 9 generation fan chart on my Windows 10 Pro PC.
There is not distortion or skewing of the fonts / text in any of the segments.
I don’t have 9 generations on all of my lines, but those that I do have look clear and properly aligned.
I saved it to PDF and opened it in Adobe Acrobat and all of the text looks fine zoomed in and out.
Perhaps an issue with a graphics card or driver?

As mentioned in my original question… Thinking it was a graphics issue I went to save to a PDF and printed that document out… It also was print skewed.

It’s clearly a problem in the generation program within rootsmagic8.