What just happened?

I was working on an ancestral narrative report, tweaking all the features, getting margins to what I liked, setting the font styles and sizes to my preferences, and I had it almost just right. Then I saw a notification for the latest upgrade, and ran it.

The narrative report’s font now has reset to Times New Roman (I had it set at Arial). I reset it again to Arial, and ran the report, then closed it.

I opened the report again, and it had reset the fonts to T.N.R. and had reset the default sizes.

This next note is not a sudden bug, but has been there since RMG8 came out. The Narrative recognizes no Left, Center, Right or Mirror settings for headers and footers. They all print on the left side of every page, right on top of each other.

Okay, I also have RMG8 on my laptop, and this is just a bug I never noticed (still getting into studying the reports). It has apparently been there since release.

I am working with the Ancestral Narrative report, but I cannot save the settings for font size and type; it resets once I finish, every time.

The Headers and Footers are also problematic. Also resetting the font size and type, they have an additional problem of only working on the left side of the page. If I have title on left, and date on right, they overprint each other on the left. It does not matter if I place it in left, center, or right, it always prints on the left, with no faculty for even-page mirroring.

Yep, this is a long known about issue for many people. Settings revert to default instead of being remembered. There has been no changes on this regardless of how many people complain. It might just be a low priority item for the developers but they aren’t saying.

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It may be the lack of attention so such “low priority” issues that are beginning to raise customer ire.

I’ve run these reports, but until this week haven’t worked on making them look like RMG7, and I finally noticed right after having done the most recent update; I thought I was seeing something like the Microsoft curse, where they send us a new mandatory “upgrade” and we suddenly find that our printer no longer works (or some app has gone wonky), and they wait until the next upgrade to restore things. But this was always there, and I never noticed before.

I’m doing a presentation next month for our local users group about running reports in RMG, which is why I was working on this and noticed the bug. I will have to discuss this with the other users; I really would like to tell them that the bug is “low priority”, because that means that there are much bigger things wrong with it. We still have three or four users who are sticking with RMG7 because they fear RMG8.

Any other reports where this happens?

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Keeping Ancestry and Family Search users happy has a much higher priority.

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I recall them saying they wrote their own PDF module for RM8 and my guess is that they might be waiting until all the Publisher features are fully implemented before they wrap all the print/view options and settings up into a bundle.

Now now, it isn’t a bug. It is working exactly as the developers designed it. Bugs are when the code doesn’t work per design. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am personally sticking to RM7 because I find the entire program design to be reprehensible…but some might just say I am cranky.

Now now Kenneth, we have had this before. If you haven’t had sight of the design specs, you don’t know if it’s a bug. If the specs say fonts should be retained (as I very much hope they do), then it is a bug. :smiley:

I have not viewed those design specs, however I seem to recall reading a Facebook thread where this was brought up for the umpteenth time and the reasoning for this had to do with scaling issues, part of which was in a later update. I am not certain how that could have been the case, but …

From that, it would seem quite indicative that this was indeed an “as designed” case. There is also the fact that in normal situations, it wouldn’t be a big deal to remember settings, and yet it has not been changed yet, even though a number of other stupid design decisions have been.

I’ll go in peace and sin no more.

That’s good since there was no case.