Setting default font types and sizes in reports

How does one set default font types and sizes for reports? For instance, under "Narrative Reports, under the “Appearance” settings, there are settings for “Styles and Fonts”. I would like to set the “Default” to Times New Roman, 10 pt (rather than 11 pt). After a report is generated, the setting reverts back to TNR, 11 pt. Why doesn’t the Default setting “stick” for all reports generated from that point in time ? Why isn’t there a “Default” setting for Headings? RM7 had settings that “stuck”.

My goal is to reduce the number of pages generated using RM8 to be nearly the same number of pages in the same type of report generated by RM7.

If suggestions by others are not forthcoming (I hope that there are), I will change this from a “question” to a “feature-request”.


A good point, it would be very useful if the program could ‘remember’ the last used font settings, as it does for other settings like the page size and general report options - and as RM7 did.
On a related point, what is the purpose of the ‘Default’ Styles and Fonts settings line? If you make any changes to this it seems to completely screw up the placement of the Headers and Footers.
The separate ‘Report Text’, ‘Header’ and ‘Footer’ settings lines do all that you should need to do.

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Here it is, 4 months later, and this issue has not been addressed!

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