Reports - Default settings?

In RM7, when I created a narrative report, the choices I made were still there the next time I wanted to run that report. It seems like in RM8, that the report template reverts to the default settings when you close the report interface so you have to set it to your preferred choices each time you interact with it. Also, the “publish” “home page” seems to be different every time I open it with some reports displayed like they are “frequently used.”

If the reports do return to default settings, it would be helpful for us to be able to save the setting that we prefer for a report. Example: RM7 gave us font/size choices for footnotes, that now seems to be under “footer” but I seem to have to set the size every time I run the report. Again, I forget to check, run the report and then see that footnotes are in default 11pt type.

In the report templates, it is not always clear when you can make choices. EVERY line with a “menu” should have a carat to indicate it.