Change report defaults globally

In the reports if I change the paper size from Letter to A4 it accepts it as a global change; I don’t have to change the paper in any other report. Is it possible to do the same with fonts where I’d like to change Times Roman to Calibri and have RM remember it in the report I change it in, and–even better–accept it for all reports? Ditto colour scheme. I haven’t found it in Help. I couldn’t do it globally in RM7, but I could in a specific report, ie once I set the font etc in (say) a Places report, I wouldn’t have to do it when running a Places report in future.
Thanks, Jonathan


I’m still frustrated by this and other report restrictions such as wanting to run a repeat report on another person where I need to close the Publishing window, change the person and go back to the Publishing window and start again with changing the details of font and colouring.
Am I alone?

Please provide examples of reports that you have to exit in order to change the focus person because my experience does not support this.

I do agree that settings for fonts and colors, once set, should stick until changed.

  1. When I choose ‘Publish’ to set up a report, the People view disappears and the Publish view appears.
  2. I pick a report–eg Descendant Chart–which opens as a separate window, adjust all the settings of colours, fonts and borders (if a chart with boxes) and generate the report.
  3. If I like it I save it. I might tweak a setting and then save it.
  4. Now I want to do another report, based on a different person, but I cannot change to the People view until I close the Report View.
  5. And start all over again.

You don’t have to change to People View to select a new person for a Descendant Chart. Just click on the > at the end of the Person box to open a selection screen for a new person. Once you select a new person the Title automatically changes to the new person and you can adjust any desired changes to fonts and colors if needed otherwise the current settings carry thru. You will have to exit back to Publish to select a different report e.g. Individual Summary.

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I had not realised that. Thank you very much for pointing it out!

My problem persists though if I wish to do different reports for the same (or different) person; such as a Descendant Chart and then Descendant List and then Family Group Sheet. Again reset fonts/colours/etc before printing as it does not allow default design features (apart from paper size) to be changed by me the user.