Page layout changes for the Report

Is there a way of changing the default page layout from ‘Letter’ to ‘A4’ when producing one of the reports?


Click at the «Letter» and you should find other options.


Thanks Karleif. I was really looking for somewhere to change the default setting to ‘A4’ for all reports, otherwise I have to make this reselection every time I want to publish any report. I was looking for an option under the ‘settings’ menu or somewhere similar.

If this is not possible, could I ask that it might be considered as a product enhancement?

thanks… mike

You can and should and it has by others wishing that report settings would stick from session to session at least if not at the database to database level. @rzamor1

My report options all default to A4.


Hi Terry,
Are you saying that A4 is the default layout in your version without having to change any setting? If so, it looks like there could be a US and UK version of RM8 and I’ve somehow ended up with the US version even though I bought the upgrade through a UK source .
Can anyone shed any light on version availability and differences.

Thanks… mike

I don’t think that’s it.
I don’t have the “UK version” - I downloaded RM8 directly from the RM website, changed the default setting for my reports from Letter to A4, and the change “stuck”.

I’m the same, I have never bought a UK version.

Thanks everyone for your replies. It looks likes it was a finger problem at this end.
I tried running RM8 that I had installed on an old backup desktop machine and it worked as expected, with the change to ‘A4’ locking in. I also noticed that RM8 ran significantly faster on the desktop machine so I guess I have an installation problem on my laptop. I’ll reinstall and see what happens.

I haven’t done any family research for a couple of years but decided to get back into it since I retired last month (aged 72!). So I expect I’ll be back with more questions over the next few weeks as I modify my working practices from RM7 to RM8.

Thanks for all your help.
… mike