Print setup in RM

I use A4 paper size. I want to print the individual summary report and have the setting page layout at A4. However, when I generate the report and go to print it, the page setup for the printer reverts to US letter. This is not the usual page setup for this printer. I have to remember to change it each time. Is there a way to change the page setup on the print dialogue so that the default is A4?

Where exactly are you changing this? If I go to Layout, Page and change size to A4 it remembers it when I open and close RM.

Hi Renee, Thanks for asking. There are two actions. The first is the layout setup under the settings tab that you can change before you generate the report. This is remembered as A4. The second is the print dialogue after the report is generated. This selects the printer, the scaling and there is a button that is named page setup. If you click that, mine defaults to US letter page size. Although I can manually change it to A4, I would like it to default to A4 so that I don’t have to remember to change it. My printer does not like US letter paper size.

That would be a setting outside of RM at that point. Are you using the plug n play drivers on the computer or specific software for the printer?

I am using specific drivers for the Brother multifunction printer

That would then be a setting with the Brother print driver. It should use what you have setup as the default.

I don’t think so. The default paper size for the printer is set to A4. In some way, RootsMagic is overriding the default when it links to this printer.