Picking a Page Size

It appears in RM9 that I have a standard page size of 8.5 x 11 for the narrative report. Is there a list of other page sizes like half letter 5.5 x 8.5 and other common book sizes? I either have 8.5 x 11 or a custom size which is controlled by slide bars. I’m on the learning curve here.


Paul Veltman

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Page selection is controlled by what printer(s) you have installed and active.

The list of available page sizes is accessed by going to the “Layout” section of the report configuration and clicking on the >.

Once there, you click on the symbol to reveal the available sizes.

To support

you’ll need a printer installed that supports those and reports that to your computer operating system.

Thanks. When I am in Narrative Report, Settings, Layout, it displays Page and Header/Footer. I click on > from Letter and it shows Size, Letter and for Width and Height, there are 2 movable bars that reduce or increase the height and Width in inches. There are also bars to increase or decrease the 4 margin values in inches. The mirror box is checked. The down arrow on the right side reveal section breaks and starting page number. I don’t see any other down arrows.
My computer is a fairly typical Intel I-7 processor with a 4 TB SSD running Windows 10 and a Canon color laser printer.

What you are seeing is normal. (Please refer to screen cap)

The two bars (highlighted green) allow you to design a custom paper size layout. You can reset the layout by using the symbol and picking a standard layout. I’ve highlighted above the arrow using pink. The symbol only appears if / when you click in that dialog box field. (It’s rather unintuitive, I’ll grant you.)

As you mentioned, the other four bars (highlighted yellow) allow you to customize the page margins.


Thank you Kim. Unfortunately, there is no down arrow showing where your illustration shows. I’m running RM9. Is there a possibility that this shows up on RM8 and it was inadvertently left out of RM9?


I’m using RM9 as well.

Do me a favor … go to the Page Layout detail (where those slidey bars are). Just click on the actual word “Letter”.

What you should see is the Size row turn blue, the down arrow appear, and a pop-down menu open that shows you other page sizes.


All I did was click on the bar that says letter, it turned blue and the down arrow showed up. End of problem. Thanks for helping me out. Now someone at RM needs to write this up.



Yay!!! :tada:

Happy to have helped out.

Unfortunately for the user interface, there are several places in RM8 and 9 where you can click on a field to get more options, but there is no visual indication that there is more to be had. If you don’t click on everything on the screen, you may well conclude that what you see is what you get.

I would be interested in hearing if you were able to make this work for you.

I was able to set page size however when I saved to word document or pdf the “printout” always returned to 8.5 x 11" format

Well, if I have to click on everything to find out what works, then the person or persons who wrote the code needs to improve his or her documentation. Nothing on a computer “just happens,” it all gets written in the original source code. Example: if x=1, then this, if x=2, then that, if x=else then error message.

Hi Don,
Yes, it turned out OK. IMHO, not very intuitive. I’ll have to explore how to save the document set up. Personally, it’s OK to write everything on a letter size page (8.5 x 11) but when getting it ready for publishing, then reduce the whole thing to whatever book size you want. I know a lot of people who just put the book out in letter size, but I prefer a more standard book size. All in all, I like RM, but it takes some getting used to.