Publish Feature does not allow custom page sizes

It appears that when using the publish feature, the custom page size is being ignored in the Windows version. I entered w6.25 x h9.25 and on the detail screen it changes to custom but when you slide back the page still defaults to letter.
FWIW RM7 did allow this page size in publish.
Wondering if anyone else is having this issue?


I also noticed that changing fonts and generating new book works, but as soon as I go back to Home Screen the settings revert to default. This bug seems to have been an issue with reports in general. I’m just glad to be able to generate the Book and export to Word. I assume the bugs will be worked out over time. I have now moved over to RM8 completely. The publish book was the last major feature I needed.

I don’t have a printer to test it on, but it looks like it is generating using the custom size, but only showing the name of previously selected page size and not what its using as customized. Are you able to confirm that?

You do not need to print. Use the save feature to Word, then open up layout in Word to see that it has reverted to letter.
Also to clarify, this is not unique to the publish feature as I first thought. It is repeatable using the Narrative Report without the using publish. Appears in the save as pdf feature for me as well.

Reporting that this issue is present in RM9 as well. When you create a custom page size (in my case 6.25 x 9.25) and save the document as a .docx file it reverts to 8.5x11 page size.

in RM 9.02 I am seeing the same issue where the page size if custom, still does not transfer when publishing to a .docx file in Windows 11. Not sure if this is a bug or something not set correctly on my computer.