Narrative Reports - Photos

Can anyone please explain why a FEW photos in my Narrative Report, over lap the previous picture or covers the line number or some of the text. I have reduced the size to 1 inch square, and New paragraph after every fact with notes, Did not happen in RM7.

I too have this problem and the pictures are left justified and not under the indented persons name. I have submitted a support (along with others) on this issue but no reply…hopefully it will be addressed soon in an update. Maybe put in a support ticket too .

Your message came through just as I received a reply from the Support Team. They are telling me to reduce the size of the photo and change the font in the Narrative settings, which I had already done, so it seems that it must be something with the way we have entered/attached the photos, not all photos are causing a problem, it’s mainly those within a family i.e. Siblings that follow each other in the Report.
Waiting to see if they can find anything else?

I was hoping that the last update would have taken care of the situation but no so I guess we will play the waiting game. I do understand that this is one of many problems that need to be corrected. Maybe soon!

Thank you, It is really nice to know that the people who matter are listening, it must be an enormous task trying to sort out every glitch from a completely rewritten program, for some tasks it seems we must not abandon RM7 just yet!


I have had issues with photos in the Narrative Report which I reported several times during the Preview phase and which still seem to persist in the recent update.
There is a problem with Child photos in particular, where the text is indented but the photo is placed against the left margin in the same position as Ancestor photos, leaving a rather awkward blank space in the text.

That is interesting, as I am finding my photos are overlapping the previous ones in the family and covering some of the data, just had another look in light of what you say and noticed other photos are similar to what you say, on the left margin then a space.
Hope it can be sorted out, as it means working in RM7 to produce the reports, which might not be easy if it has not been updated.

Bobs, I tried pictures 1x1 and changing font size of the reports and that did not make any difference in a outline report. Hope the next update fixes this…

Oldbob2, I have been experimenting myself and did what you have just done, mine did not work either, the only thing that almost corrected it was to increase the font size to something like 28 which is not what we want, makes a total mess of the reports, so lets hope the team can come up with a solution.

I feel sure that the team will be able to correct this problem but as to when is the question. I know they have other problems to correct. Not being a programmer, I feel that it is a giganic step to write a completely new program.

Thank you for your acknowledgement, it does make a big difference that an organisation is not ignoring these niggly problems, and willing to let the users know they are listening. I have used RootsMagic ever since it came on the Market, and we have overcome past problems, I fully understand this is a different Ball Game being re-written, it’s just the frustration it worked in one Version why not in the latest?

I agree - several things need fixing. My thoughts to improve the capabilities of RM8: If there are media for both a descendant and spouse - the narrative for the spouse should not start until after spacing for the descendant media. I also believe the 'marriage" sentence should be placed “after” both descendant and spouse narratives, and again spaced to be “after” the media for both. At the moment no “shared” marriage media is sent to the Narrative Report (right?) - and it should be if user selects an option to include them if they exist. Also, if the sentence stating :" and had the following children" was also spaced to be placed “after” descendant narrative, spouse narrative, and the marriage sentence - there would not be the issue of the media overwriting the numbering for the children. I also wish there was an option to place media “below” the narrative sentences instead of to the left - this option would also allow “all” the media to be included instead of just the Primary media. I have submitted a Request with all this. I really believe RM8 can be a top-notch go-to program for those of us with over 150,000 people in our databases.

What you suggest I like your thoughts, looks like a good way in fixing a few niggly problems we have with Narrative Reports, I have always double or more spaced after notes which has sort of eased some of the problems, but cannot do that with the fixed/default narratives. I have been using RM since it came on the Market and got used to some of the hic-cups, but RM8 has been completely re-written whilst it seems that most of the commands are still there but not always visible which is a bit frustrating, it seems we are on a learning curve.

I did receive feedback from RootsMagic Support this morning:
"The issue with media in the narrative report has been reported. "
“Publisher feature is currently not in version 8.”
“Your enchantment request has been submitted.” [I believe Jason meant <enhancement> - srj]

Good to hear they are working on all this :smile: !!

Thanks for the up date, Lets hope the Development Team can spot what has happened fairly quickly.

Maybe he meant enhancement and enchantment

Yes, Perhaps he did!

Regarding the Photos/Media that are overlapping, I have got a work around not really satisfactory but does seem to work. For the offending Media, I went to the Edit Screen for the Person, first line is the Birth, then went to the Fact Items > Note. I have the birth reference which I then moved it down a line, then below that entered 3 or 4 blank lines. For the Narrative Report changed the default font to Courier New 10 point (unfortunately you cannot make it the default font). Hope the Development team can come up with a better solution.