Narrative, outline (indented) pictures

When creating a Narrative report-outline in RM8 the pictures no longer indent and show under the persons name. If that person has little information, the spacing for the next person is incorrect and the it overlaps the pictures. In RM7 the picture followed indented and showed under the person so no overlapping occurred. Is there a setting to prevent this?

When generating a Narrative report have you looked at the dropdown box on the settings tab for Report type? There are quite a few styles from which to choose. NEHGS register works nicely on my Windows 10 PC

I had that problem and have sent it to rm as a tester.

Yes I tried each but my family likes to see all their family together so we found this outline Indented version best. I did create them and they did also overlap the pictures but thank you for your suggestion.

Did you try playing with the setting for Max photo size?

yes…in fact I have it set to 1x1 now.

Hello Cowtrader…I see you have the same problem and sent it to RM…how do you do that and would there be any point in me sending also…I can send page samples if needed. As this is a critical issue for me personally, I have to keep RM7 as primary so this report displays correctly. Any help I can give I will do so.

Yes it is a severe problem. I did as you are contemplating, sent them a page so they might see for themselves. I sent It in before the official release which was a different method. I believe you can contact support from the home page in RM 8.

I did submit one the RM support (I think) and I did get an email confirmation but no reply . Let’s hope it is an easy formatting fix and can be done soon. There are so many support forums/communities that it gets confusing. I hope they do consolidate them to one in the future.

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Well with the latest update it says the narrative indent for pictures was fixed…not in total for me. Yes now ALL pictures are at the far left (do not like this at all-much prefer they follow under the name and indented with that name) but some of the spouses pictures still cut off the name. And all this indentation and spaces after the end of each has caused my report to become many pages longer. Not pleased at all. I do have pictures at 1x1 too.
pic over name
pic over name spouse

Oh so much better but still not correct. Most of my photos are spaced well but there remains a few with extra space around them and some way too far to the left.

I submitted again to support and they said this issue was NOT addressed in recent update but all the extra lines were added…issue is still on drawing table…