Bug in Narrative Report (NGSQ) in RM9?

I am experiencing a consistent bug when using the NGSQ Narrative Report. When the report breaks a list of children across two pages, and the first line of the second page is a new child, the index numeral and child number roman numeral are missing. (It does not happen if the new page begins with text completing the previous child.)

Here is an example:

Could you open a support ticket with a backup. Tell us the start person and what page.

In searching the community postings today, I noticed this issue that was posted last December. This aligns with a chat session that I had with the help desk in May 2023, during which I reported the identical issue as well as a similar one where the person index numeral plus the child number roman numeral where printing alone as the last line of one page with the person’s picture and all associated text printing at the top of the following one. At that time, I submitted a couple of screen shots to illustrate both situations, and was told that the developers were aware of the problem. So, no new trouble ticket was opened.

Back then I was not too particularly concerned, since I was using RootsMagic 8 more as a learning tool to try to understand and differences that I would have to deal with once I made the final switch from RootsMagic 7 and to show me places where I might want to scrub my data (especially my footnotes) ahead of that change. However, now that the same issues persist in RootsMagic 9 as well as in RootsMagic 10, if there is additional information that you require in order to correct the problems, I would like to supply it. I would really like to finally switch to the new version and stop using RootsMagic 7 for my live environment. However, since the Narrative Reports are what are generally requested when relatives ask for printed extracts of information from my database, having well formatted versions of these is reasonably important to me. Still, I would very much like to be able to start using some of the new features from the later releases. It’s just at the moment I don’t find this to be practical in my case.