Media - More than 1 tag at a time?

Is there a way to add multiple tags to one media?


Form the Media page select the item you wish to add a tag to. On the Edit Media panel click on the Tags section under Other.

In the Tags slide-in panel click on the + icon at the top of the panel.

Thank you, however, this is the process I used, but can only select one person at a time. I have tried holding shift, ALT, Ctrl etc. Just cant figure out a way.

So you meant to add several links at once using a multi-select. Not so sure about that one.

It’s one at a time.

You can create more than one tag without leaving the tagging dialog, but you can’t choose multiple people or multiple facts or multiple be tagged all at the same time. You choose one item to tag at a time.

Yes for example, I have a document that I would like to link to many members of the same family. I can only find that I have to search each individual by last name, then first name to tag them. Its very time consuming.

RM7 had a feature that’s missing from RM8 and RM9 which would be nice to have restored. It’s hard to describe exactly because you are still adding one media tag at a time. But the RM7 feature allowed you to transition from one family member to another family member very easily for each media tag to add. You did not have to search each individual by name as long as the people for whom you were adding tags were in the same family (siblings, parents, spouse, children).

RM8 and RM9 almost but don’t quite support the same thing. While you are tagging one person, you can see all the same family members I’m talking about being able to tag in RM7. But you can’t go to the same family members or tag the same family members without doing the doing the search all over again.

My previous complaints about this did not receive much support. I made a video about how this worked in RM7 and the comments were that it was too convoluted and nobody used it in RM7 nor would use it in RM8 moving forward, even it if did exist.