Showing the Persons to whom sources and places link?

There’s this new thing in RM8 that I had been wishing existed in RM7. You can click on the list of sources or the list of places, and it tells you how many times that source or place has been cited.

So, I click on Sources and there I have (among many others), the name of a small-town newspaper of particular interest to me. On the far right of that panel, in the “Citations” column, it says “53” with an arrow next to it. I click on the arrow and I get a list of the citations themselves, one of which says “14 Feb 1910 (obit).” And to the right is a column called “Use” with a “1” in it. If I highlight that line, the edit panel on the far right repeats that brief info as “Citation Detail” but that’s it. If I click on the citation line or on the “1,” nothing happens. Those aren’t links, just text, which no indication of who they actually connect to.

Am I not supposed to be able to see the person in whose profile this citation appears? It would be very useful if I could do that. But if not, what’s the point?

If this is what I think you are talking about, it’s an RM7 feature that is not in RM8.

When you are looking at a media file in RM7, you can truly see everywhere it’s used. The report in RM7 was clunky and a little hard to use, but it worked and you could see follow where each media file was used.

When you are look at a media file in RM8, you can see things like people, names, facts, and places where it is used. But you can only see it down to the citation and not to where the citation is used the same way you can in RM7.

This is not a new complaint. But the response I received was that once you get to the citation by look at the media file, you then need to switch to the citation to find out where it is used. I think that’s totally impractical. But it doesn’t seem very likely to me that this is going to be fixed.

In the main left panel the column with numbers is “Used” rather than “Use”.

To the right there is another box/panel with a clickable line “Citation Used”. When I click that, all the boxes/lines of Citation Details are replaced by the name using that citation.

Unlike in a similar flow for Places, the name is not clickable to open the profile. But you get to see who is linked to that citation.

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That’s correct. You can get to who is using a citation from the citation, but not from a media file that’s tagged to a citation. That’s the missing feature.

Building off of Marshtown’s explanation… one can also quickly see all 53 uses of that highlighted source upon first entering the Sources screen by clicking the arrow to the farthest right beside the number 53 in the Used block.

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I don’t think this question is anything to do with media. It is about sources and citations and who is using the citation.

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I think you are right about this thread being about sources and citations and rather than being about media. I guess I’m the one who got the thread off track. My apologies.

I agree that finding out where sources and citations are used works reasonably well. Actually, I think it works extremely well if you are using the Slide-in Workflow. It works mediocrely well if you are not using the Slide-in Workflow.

I also think that a great enhancement would be to be able to click on one of the “citations used” items and have RM8 open a new Edit Person window from there. Several other users have mentioned this possibility.

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What I would like is that having arrived at the screen that tells me who is using the Citation I could double click on the person and open their Edit Person screen.


Okay, thanks. That was DEFINITELY not the obvious next step. As you say, it’s not clickable, but at least I have the name now.

Yes, THAT’S what I was looking for – basically a checklist of all the persons who cite that source.

You get a similar sort of list if you do this under Places, which is also useful. However, about 3/4 of the place names on my list have a zero in the Details column, which is impossible. (The place name wouldn’t be in the database if I didn’t have it attached to someone.)

Absolutely. You wouldn’t ordinarily be doing this in the first place unless you were fixing an error in the entry or something.

Not impossible - you can have a Place without Place details. i.e. I can have London, England in Places without having Buckingham Palace (or similar) in Place details. London, England is still attached to someone but will show 0 in the Details column because there aren’t any.

In my little screenshot the highlighted Place shows zero in the Details column but 13 Events. Clicking on the Events shows who is attached to the place

Place details zero

Ah. My mistake. I was thinking of “details” in the broader sense, but I see now it refers only to whether or not there’s data in the “details” field. “Events” (not what I would have called it) is where I find the list of persons to whom that place is attached. Got it.


Events because it is not only showing you the person to whom the Place is applicable but every Event for that person - so the Person maybe listed more than once i.e. Birth, Baptism, Marriage etc. particularly if they lived in the same place their whole life. Event being the standard term for a “happening” for want of a better word.