Media attached to an event

How do I view the media attached to a specific event? I’m talking about, for instance, baptism certificates, death certificates, etc. Some people people show media items the way I would expect, but it doesn’t always show all of their media items. Some people don’t show any at all.

I download all of my stuff from Ancestry to Rootweb. Rootsweb is my backup of my data and I also use it for the publisher. I enter all of my data on Ancestry. I should have a LOT of the images from the Drouin Collection on Ancestry, but whether they show on the person’s page is kind of hit or miss. They appear to there when I look at the Rootsmagic media directory for that particular file. Am I doing something wrong?

All of my media files are in one giant-sized directory since it’s downloaded from Ancestry. Making subdirectories would be very time consuming because I’d have to re-create them each time I downloaded, then sort all the files again. I do not do the back and forth stuff with comparing the trees. I always download the complete tree, and keep a few of the previous copies in reserve in case I mess something up.

Thanks in advance

It sounds like you are looking for the media that is attached to the source citation for a fact. To see those media files, highlight the fact, such as birth and click on the source icon (it looks like the nib of pen). In the side panel for edit citation, there is a box for citation detail. If there is media attached to the citation for this person, you will see a number in the media line. Clicking on this line will bring up the Media screen.

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To further elaborate, media is not actually linked to events in ancestry. It may seem that way, but that isn’t really the way it works. Rather, media in ancestry is linked to what ancestry calls a Source for that event. When you import ancestry data into RootsMagic with TreeShare, the Source in ancestry becomes a Citation in RootsMagic. That’s why the media that is linked to a Source in ancestry becomes linked to a Citation in RootsMagic.

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Thank you both for your replies. I did understand that part and that was where I was looking. What led me astray was that I have, for many of my French-Canadians, two Drouin Collection sources for each event. I had originally uploaded my gedcom to Ancestry from another genealogy program that I had used for over 20 years. (I bought Rootsmagic because of it’s ability to interface with Ancestry.) It had uploaded the information for the Drouin Collection sources, but no images. I used those uploaded sources that provided the volume and page number for each fact to find them and attach the image from Ancestry. That never even dawned on me when I was looking for the images of the pages. I was looking at the first Drouin Collection reference in the listed sources, and it was the one without the image. When I went to Ancestry to look at the sources, I realized my error. I was able the find the image when I looked at the correct citation.

Thank you again