TreeShare not syncing new media to Ancestry

Been fixing a lot of broken media links after importing from MacFamilyTree. Had to re-select profile photos/avatars/whatever-they-are-called.

After a lot of updates, went to Treeshare and it found ZERO changes between my local copy and Ancestry.

So how do I get these media files pushed up to Ancestry? The current tree on Ancestry was originally an upload from RM9, the same tree I am currently making changes to. I have already synced several other changes both up and down, but these last batch of media files does not seem to be recognized as a change.

Am I misunderstanding something, or doing it wrong?

That’s the way treeshare works, by design. The initial treeshare is a full synch, subsequent treeshare sessions require approval of individual items. This gives you control over what does and doesn’t get pushed up to ancestry. If RM is your master then you have the option of starting a new ancestry tree with a new initial treeshare. This is the only way to push your updated RM db up to ancestry in a single treeshare event.

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. The key step is disconnecting your RM db from your ancestry tree so that you can treeshare up a new ancestry tree. (Caution: the only way that the disconnect can be reversed is by restoring a RM backup, so make a backup before proceeding.) If you want to keep your existing RM db connected to the current ancestry tree (for example to keep the status of ancestry hints intact) then make a copy of your RM db, disconnect the copy from ancestry, and then treeshare up a new ancestry tree from the new RM copy db. If you don’t care about getting new ancestry hints all over again and want your current RM db to match your ancestry tree then just disconnect your current RM db and treeshare the new ancestry tree from that. In this second scenario, the old ancestry tree would become abandoned and could be deleted.

The new Ancestry tree would be the one you share publicly and if you kept your old ancestry tree for hints, then you might want to make that private to avoid having 2 public trees with different info. It should also be noted that this approach has a downside if you have given anyone reader or editor rights to your ancestry tree. They would need access to the new tree. It would also impact anyone who has linked to your tree in ancestry but it avoids having to approve each individual treeshare update.

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You misunderstand what is happening. I did just as you described. The problem is that in subsequent treeshare sessions, changes made in RM are not showing up for approval!

Oddly enough, once I made some other changes to some of these same individuals, THEN, and only then, did these media file changes come up for approval in TreeShare.

I’m going to guess that when fixing broken links RM doesn’t see that as something new, therefore not triggering a sync update.

Something like that, I guess.

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