Tree Share and Change in Ancestry Account

I have one Ancestry account that will expire 7/20/24. If I update, it will cost me $259. I have a 2015 account that I just reinstated with a 50% off Ancestry offer not available on my current account. I want to do a tree share for my tree file with RM9. If I do that with the current Ancestry account, will I still be able to sync with the reinstated 2015 account? They have different logins - different email addresses. I moved the current file to the 2015 account using gedcom (it even moved the media files?). Worked perfectly so I have the same file in both accounts.

The GEDCOM copied tree cannot be the same as the original. Did all media transfer? Are Ancestry Sources now Other Sources? Check carefully that you are happy with the result.

Now this next bit is for an Ancestry forum but here goes… can you transfer ownership of the original AncestryvTree to the other account? That would preserve everything, I think. You can share the tree with another account as Editor. That might be good enough.

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Maybe I didn’t explain it very well. My old tree has been transferred to new account (not by Ancestry - just by uploading a gedcom). Even the media transferred from a gedcom file??? Surprised me when I opened the file I uploaded as a gedcom to the new account and the media was there. It looks just like it did in the old account. I’m pleased, obviously! What I plan to do: treeshare from old account to RM9 before it expires. Use new account to continue growing tree and periodically treeshare between new account and RM9. Using RM9 treeshare with old account to keep it up to date with changes I made in new account. How much of that scenario can I do or not do, i.e. can I treeshare with an account that does not have a paid subscription?

That success surprises me but one thing I am sure of is that your RootsMagic database cannot TreeShare with more than one Ancestry Tree, let alone more than one Ancestry account.

What I was suggesting for maximum preservation was that you make your new account an Editor on the original tree owned by the old account if the option is not available to transfer ownership to the new one. Then you would change your Ancestry settings in RM on your current database to log into the new account. I hope the Ancestry Tree ID number remains the same, regardless of your role as Editor or Owner, so that TreeShare is able to relink the database to the AMtree. Then you would carry on as normal with no need to keep two Ancestry Trees in sync.

Thanks Tom. As an Editor from the new account can I add Ancestry sources to the old tree, i.e. do I have the same rights as an Editor on the old tree to add sources, as I have on the new tree as owner? I really don’t mind maintaining two trees. I just don’t want to lose access to my online tree and having it in two places online assures me of that. It’s only 336 people, but it’s my Direct Line Ancestors. I haven’t connected the old tree or the new tree or RM9 via treeshare with Ancestry yet. I normally use RM7 and update by hand.

I’d rephrase that to something like: “Does an Editor with a paid subscription have full editing privileges to view and add sources on a tree owned by someone with a free subscription?”. And it’s a question to be posed to Ancestry or its forums.

Thanks TomH once again. I will see if I can pose that question and get an answer on an Ancestry group I belong to.

If it does work out, you’ve hit on a neat way to maintain your tree at potentially lower cost than renewing your paid subscription to the same account. Set up an alternate free account as Editor, let it fish for a discount, grab one at the end of your current one, reverse the process at the end of the next subscription. Good luck!

Just in case–not to offend anyone, I do NOT work for Ancestry and personally think they charge way too much-- that said @martisiq
that $259 subscription ( and I think your special of $129) is an All Access Subscription-- which give you access to the US and World records, Fold and ( basic subscription only) PLUS it allows you to share your account with 4 more people–supposedly they have access to everything you do except maybe your tree-- what I do NOT know is IF you can let them have access to your tree or if you have to go the EDITOR route still yet— anyway the reason I bring this up is because IF your special does allow 4 people, you SHOULD be able to add your old account and just update that one with info you find …

As for Editor privileges-- I am 99% certain that my in-law does NOT have a paid subscription-- I do and I am an editor on their database-- I could tree share their tree down-- added a couple of people they didn’t have, was able to add census records to those people – could add sources and delete duplicate facts etc–so if I’m right abt them NOT having a subscription, an editor with a subscription can do everything that they could do with their own accounts…

Now my question is— if you don’t have a subscription can you still tree share between Ancestry and RM???

I posed your question in an Ancestry forum and the answer I got was “yes.” As for the double accounts, I didn’t do it on purpose. I’ve had the “new” account since 2015 - it has been dormant because I couldn’t remember the login so I created another account which is the current account that is expiring. When I saw Ancestry was offering 50% off for new and former (not current) subscribers ($129 for All Access until 7/8), I jumped at that! And I will reverse engineer that in 6 months.

That is still my question as well - can RM still tree-share with an Ancestry account that doesn’t have a paid subscription?

Yes it was $129 and eventually I am likely to be offered some discounted membership for the expiring account some time in the future. I paid $171 for the All Access account that I’m using on the expiring account and nearly choked when I found out it would be $259 to resubscribe. I don’t have that kind of money for a genealogy program.

I’m not certain of the “Editor” thing. When you log-in to work on their account, do you use the log-in for YOUR account? And you can access their account from your account - I suspect their “tree” displays on your account in your tree list and you access it that way?

Maybe I’m making a mountain of a mole hill. At least I know I have one account I can keep up to date. For six more months.

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions! I appreciate the consideration.

On the editor thing-- yes I use my log-in and yes I have a copy of their tree on my account–so you suspect right-- if I change anything on the tree in my account, it will automatically change it on their tree also–kind of a much easier and faster tree share :grin:

As for the hike from $171 to $ 259-- I couldn’t afford that either BUT it’s because it allows 5 people to share the membership–if you had 5 and everybody chipped in-- that’s very affordable

  1. don’t know the answer as I have never tried it - as Editor you should be able too

  2. don’t buy a full year, pick a month and just pay for that one and research like crazy - I did that to test out the full package and it didn’t really payoff for me

  3. you can be the Editor for any tree that the Owner adds you on. So you as Owner can make your other account Editor on same tree

  1. I think I’m just going to have to try it and see if it works.
  2. I tried that and ended up spending way too much money. All three products have been a gold mine for me. Lots of military personnel whose pension papers have revealed lots of great info; newspaper articles about family members being not such good members of society, marriages of family members that I didn’t know were married!
  3. Once I’m Editor of the old account, I think I can copy individuals between the two accounts - to be used when I add only one or two people and not a 10 or 12 member family from a census. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your insight!

When 5 members of my family chip in on anything, I’ll have a stroke!

Being able to just enter the info once and not worry about tree share would be awesome! I’m up for that!

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I remembered that I had an old Ancestry account where I am the Owner of a couple of trees, so I TreeShared by logging into that account (had to log off my main one) and was able to get it to work. Don’t Cancel it, just don’t renew.

Tell the family you got yourself a subscription for Christmas and they didn’t get anything LOL. They probably will chip in next time :}

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Yeah they do the “Mom always liked you best” thing frequently, still - in their fifties.

I did the Editor thing. Went to the new account and there was the tree from the expiring account. So I made a little change and went back to the other account. There was a notification that the Editor person had made a change. So it worked! Yippee! The account expires in two days, after which I make a change by adding a record and source and see what happens. Thanks again! Always a treat to get your perspective.


Martisiq - I use only a free Ancestry account with a number of trees that I’ve set up in it now. I haven’t used GEDCOM to move trees or parts of trees because I have a lot of media that GEDCOM won’t move. Having discovered RM9 I have done all the downloading and uploading with RM9 and the tree share works fine with all. I have a relative who has let her PAID Ancestry account lapse and it has just become a FREE account now - no account name changes or password changes needed.

I’m just so not loving TreeShare right now. Maybe it was my screw up but it did not turn out well. I had downloaded my little tree to RM9; it had 398 people. I then added 142 people, and with TreeShare uploaded the DB to Ancestry. The 142 people are just that, 142 people with no parent-child relationships or husband-wife (father-mother) relationship. No marriage records for any of those 142 people who had one in RM9.And now I have to put those families back together and add the essential marriage records that aren’t there. Thankfully I will stiff be able to work on it after midnight when this account expires, and I can use my new account to add the sources for the marriage records. The original file I just added to is also in my new account and “unharmed” by my folly. Whatever did I do wrong???