How do transfer Roots Magic

How do I transfer Roots Magic 8 and associated files to new Laptop


Same way you transfer any other files. Include your media folder and database files.
Copy to a flash or external drive and connect to the new computer.
Download and install RM8 from the website just like any other program.

Questions like this on basic computer use can be answered by a Google Query.

Welcome to the forum! Good question. First install RM8 on your new laptop. Then copy the database file and the media folder to a flash drive and transfer to your new computer in the same folder.

Database file: yourtree.rmtree
Media folder: yourtree_media

Why would transferring RootsMagic files be any different to transferring any of the other files from your old computer to your new computer?

It doesn’t matter. A question was asked and I politely answered the question.


Some people have tunnel vision. It is not unreasonable for a tyro to be confused by moving both files and their application to a new computer.

Relax people!!
Some days are diamonds, some days are stones.

Perhaps Seamus was wondering if there were files in the program directory that needed to be moved because they had been modified by RM since it was installed, or maybe some settings are stored in the registry that he didn’t want to miss.

Things are a bit more complex with Windows (and Unix for the Macs) than they were with DOS.

And asking that question could have saved him a lot of time trying to get things running right if there were stray bits and pieces laying around he didn’t know about.



Not everyone knows that’s why we ask. I for one will have lots of questions because I am not great with the computer.

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