Best Method to install RM8 with 2 Windows Laptops (one old (Win10)/one new (Win11))

I have used an Asus laptop now with Win10 and RM7. Can’t upgrade to Win11. Purchased new HP laptop with Win10 and upgraded to Win11. Now want to upgrade and install RM8 on new HP with my two RM7 databases (mine & wife’s) converted to RM8 and two multi-media files (mine & wife’s) converted to RM8. I will need to copy over three photo folders (mine, wife’s and mutual) on to a flash drive to copy on HP laptop. I have new HP laptop set to use OneDrive, but it is not on old Asus laptop. What is the best method/process to get RM8 established on the new HP laptop? I suspect there are several of these, but which one involves the least amount of work and stress and gets the job done as quickly as possible.

I don’t plan to keep on using the RM7 on the Asus laptop after all this conversion, etc. It will be a good backup for a while. I don’t think I can use OneDrive going from Asus laptop to HP laptop. I’m aware of RM7 backup files and GEDCOMM files which could be used as far as I know. I know GEDCOMM files handles the data, but not the photo files themselves. Any ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated. Like I said, there are probably several ways to do this, but, there must be a “best” way. Thanks.

Keep it simple. Download and install RM8 on new pc. Copy all your data such as documents, spreadsheets, music, photo library, etc including RM7 media folders and databases to the new pc. Use an external drive or a flash drive to copy from the old pc and then copy from that to the new. Simple, slow low tech approach. RM8 will open the RM7 files in RM8 format keeping the RM7 format files intact. You can then use the missing media tool to link up with your media folders.

Keep the old pc around until you are SURE all data is across and you don’t need to check what program toolbars, preferences etc you liked in the past.

Ask Google how to move data to a new pc for guidance on music and other special areas.


Thanks for the info. I want to make sure I understand what RM8 does when it downloads and installs. It creates an empty RM8 database file to start with that I can save to a specific folder on my SSD drive. You say “RM8 will open the RM7 files in RM8 format keeping the RM7 format files intact”. Will RM8 ask for an existing RM7 database file (now on flash drive) to do the RM8 formatting? I think it needs to do this. I guess I don’t know enough about RM8’s formatting capability from RM7 to RM8. I guess it really is just like installing RM8 on a laptop/PC that has a RM7 database already on it, just in different folders.

RM does nothing on its own. You have to do it. Once you install the program on your computer(s), then you will need to move your RM file to that computer. It is your choice as to whether you copy the RM7 file to the computer, or have it on a flash drive (or some other moveable storage). I see absolutely no reason why OneDrive can’t be used to move the files if that is what you wish.

You start RM8 (no it does not create a blank database for you), click the File icon on the left side (sheet of paper with a bent corner icon). Select ‘Create a New RootsMagic file’. Select the ‘Import from Rootsmagic 1-7…’ option. Select the ‘Rootsmagic Versions 1-7’ option. If the file does not appear in the list of found files, click Browse for File and point the program to where your RM7 file lives. You then point the program to where the new RM8 file is going to live, and let the program do its thing.

If you have media files, you will also want/need to move them to the new computer also. File links may be broken and you may need to run the Fix links tool, but lets worry about that if it happens.

Once the file completes the import into RM8, you RM7 file will still be fully intact and you can do with it as you chose. RM8 has moved the data into a newly formatted file and it no longer needs or cares about the RM7 file. You then repeat this for any other RM7 files you want to move.