Exporting family files from RM8

I am in the process of getting a new computer, so I need to export all my RM files ( both RM7 and RM8) to a safe place until we get set back up–the only option on export I can use is a gedcom which would be okay with me BUT I had to import one of my RM7 FILES as a gedcom into RM8 and it saved it as a gedcom not as a Root Magic file with a Roots Magic Backup file---- did NOT like that at all…

So can I export a gedcom of my RM8 back to RM7 and then see if I can make a family file out of the gedcom in RM 7 and save as a file with back up? Is that possible?

or will I have to go back and first open all my gedcoms in another program that makes a family file out of them , then import them into RM 7 and then RM8 when the time comes?

Sorry, but I don’t understand why you want to go via GEDCOM. Why don’t you just copy the RM7 and RM8 data and backup files to somewhere safe, perhaps with multiple copies in different locations, and then load these onto your new computer and use directly with both versions of RM?


What method are you using to transfer all the other files on your computer? Word docs, spreadsheets, pdfs, jpg, etc. etc. It is no different for your RM8 database files (.rmtree). Why would Gedcom come into the equation?


I would try to avoid using GEDCOM import/export features if at all possible. Data and data formats can be lost during GEDCOM conversions between programs. There are many documented reasons why this occurs. I would use RM backup and copy features that will retain your data and formats.

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@ [OleSeminole]

Thank you all for responding --appreciate it–We have several times now either updated to a new computer or have hard drive crashes —except for the first computer, all the rest have been from the same company and at the time of the switching running the same version of windows-- this new one is suppose to have a migration of files BUT every time I’ve tried to do that, it never has worked except partial on the first computer and then I had to manual migrate everything else from the old one to the new one by email ( if you couldn’t attach it to an email you lost it)–so I’m hoping it works BUT don’t want to trust it…

I have in the past backed my files up to 1st floppies, then CDs which worked once but the next time I tried to load it on the computer ( or view it), it wouldn’t work and it worked just fine on the old computer…

The new computer doesn’t have a built in CD–so we got an external hard drive BUT that is on back order I guess and who KNOWS when that will show up–so that is why I do gedcoms as if all else fails–I can still have my files…

I understand your concerns abt using gedcoms–I’ve never had any problems with formatting BUT have lost a few people but losing 2 people out of a 1000 individuals or 6 out of 12461 is not that big of a deal as losing a whole data base or all 30 of my family files— I have only moved 3 files from RM7 to RM8 and lost some people with each move ( and these were not ged coms)

BUT definitely will take your suggestions under consideration BUT don’t know how to save them other than CDs

@Terry thanks–my jpgs are saved off site at a photo storage site, my word docs, pdfs and scanned images of documents ( marriages, baptisms etc) will be attached to an email and sent to an off site email account as are my gedcoms --actually my mail server keeps a copy of all my messages until I delete them–so I actually have two ways there hopefully…
So is there a way to attach a RootsMagic file or backup file to an email?-- I know the preferred method is to save to a disk etc BUT that is not an option if I don’t know how long it will be before I can get the external hard drive

Is there some reason why you can not use a flash drive? They are cheap enough to buy multiple drives and in many instances they will be large enough to pretty much save all of your media and family tree files. If you buy multiples you can make several different copies of your files, or I should say several copies of you set of files. You could even send a set to a to some off site location such as a friend or family member.

My first option would be to put your files on a cloud drive such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc. If you don’t want to leave them there download them from the cloud to your new machine. If you have more data than the free space allows then do it bit by bit deleting from the cloud as you go to free up the space. My second option would be to go the flash drive route as suggested by Ken Funk.