Creating new Roots Magic 8 file

How do I create a new Roots Magic 8 file on a new computer from a computer I am replacing? Should I backup the file to a flash drive and then restore to an empty file on the new computer?

There can be more to it than just copying your RM8 database to the new computer. For example, you may also need to move media files. But let’s assume for the sake of the argument that you don’t have any media files. In that case, the procedure you describe should work just fine.

Well, on the new computer you wouldn’t actually create a new and empty file and restore to it. That’s not the way restore works. It’s even easier than that. You just restore without creating a new and empty file. The restore process itself creates the new and empty file and restores into it. You never see the file when it’s new and empty. You only see the new file after the restore is done.

If you do have media files, it would probably be best to describe on this forum how you have laid the files out into folders and subfolders on your old computer. The way you have done that will influence what might be the best strategy to get the media files moved to the new computer.

  1. install RM8 on the new computer from a download.
  2. copy your RM7 database file and media folder to the new computer via a flash drive.
  3. open RM8…create a new RM8 file…from a RM7 file…save and done. RM8 find missing media tool will locate your media.

On a mac forget any restore approach, get your other stuff on the new computer and turn on time machine backup to an external drive. Migration Assistant works pretty well to transfer to a new mac but you should clean out junk…digital debris and remove any 32 bit programs first. None will work on a modern mac and OS.

I had some trouble getting my new computer connected, but finally downloaded my RM8 backups. Had too many pictures from different places, so I opted to start anew with my media. Worked just as you said. Thanks much.