Places Question - Zero in details column

I’m starting to work for real in RM8 by merging places and place details.

On the list of places, I’m noticing places with a ZERO in the details column. If I click on the > to edit the place, there is a ZERO in the EVENTS item.

When I compare a place that has a number in the details column, there are events in the edit place detail.

Does this mean that those places that have a zero are NOT used with any event (fact)?

To edit a place, just highlight the place in the list and edit it in the edit panel on the right.

To edit a place detail, click the Details column (with the >) to change to the list of place details for that place. Highlight the desired place detail and edit it in the edit panel on the right.

The number in the details column tells how many place details there are.

The number next to Events in the edit panel tells how many events use the place (or place detail if you have slid over).

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There is an Unused Place list. Click on the 3 dots at the top of the place list and select “Show unused places”. The ones on that list will have zero Events listed in the Edit Place panel. You can safely delete all those places by highlighting one at a time and clicking on the Delete (trash can) icon. To return to the Place List click on the 3 dots again and select “Show all places”.


New user: Thanks for that tip. I am cleaning up my mother’s data and noticed that the place list did not change after I moved her notes she had entered into the place field to the description field. The point of doing that is of course to remove all those non-place entries and I was wondering why they were all still there. Having to do them one by one will be a pain tho, especially since it requires 2 clicks and the cursor goes to the center of the page after clicking yes on the pop up box…