Few questions about RM8

I upgraded to version 8 and having a few issues, most likely I am totally missing something.

  1. When I get to the edit person screen I am unable to tab to the next field to fill in. Is this something new or am I missing an option? I looked everywhere and didnt see where the option to use Tab.

2, Also on the edit person screen. Ill use burial place for my example. I will put in the city, county and state for the burial and it will auto fill if Ive used the place before, thats not the issue. The issue Im having, in the place details Ill put the name of the cemetery. In RM 7, it would remember different details for that field and let me pick so I dont have to type it out each time, in RM 8 it doesnt “save” the details and I have to keep typing in the cemetery name. Is there an option to fix this?

  1. The program is slow. I try to pull up an person to edit and it takes forever to pull up the screen. I did some cleaning of my database and rebooted computer and its still slow. My son mentioned this could be the searching Ancestry, etc…is this? If so, Im gonna have to disable that until I need it.

Regarding Question 2. After entering the Place name or letting it autofill you have to click on the tick/checkmark before moving on to Place Details. Then it will let you select previously used details by clicking on the pointer symbol at the right of the field, or starting to type.

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The pointer symbol at the end of the Place details field after hitting the checkmark

Point 3.
I too find RM8 slow. I used to be able to do data entry fast on RM7 with no lag. Now I have to wait for RM8 to catch up. Disappointing. Wonder why and if there is anything we can do?
(Suggest poster creates different posts for each point in future so we can spot the topic and discuss individually please)


In the early days of beta testing and probably into the Community Preview RootsMagic suggested that they were putting all their programming efforts into getting RM8 ready for release and that “speed issues” would be addressed later. I don’t know if this has been addressed but personally I don’t have any speed issues except for my brain which is ageing.

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I sure hope so. Its very tedious getting things done at times. As much as I like the new UI I much prefer the speed and responsiveness of RM 7. Wondering how others are finding the slow response time with RM8. I’m running RM8 on a Intel I3, 32gb mem and a SSD and would have thought that would be enough power to slog thru these slow responsiveness with RM8. Looks like RM has some serious work to do get RM8 up to snuff in regards to speed/responsiveness in comparison to RM7.

A 64 bit version might help.

Presumably you’re using Windows?

The Macintosh version is 64bit.


I’m using Windows so 32bit version. But not to sure whether 4gb memory allocation should be the issue. When I look at the taskbar RM8 is only using about 170mb of memory. More likely the problem is with the software. Just hoping they make some headway quick on this front.

Yes, (theKiwi) I have Win 10 and only run 64 bit programs when available.
It’s great that Mac is 64bit. Maybe Windows RM8 will be released in 64 bit as well.
There is a performance difference.

Thank you, Terry, for explaining why the place details were not coming up. I see now that I need to click the Save checkmark, and then I can start typing the Place Detail. I wish the cursor would remain in the Place Details field, rather than jumping out of the edit screen, so I have to re-click in the Place Detail field.