Vertical Scrolling does not work correctly

Vertical Scrolling does not work correctly in the Home - People - Index

It only goes up/down by one individual at a time, it should scroll by 1 complete display (20 people in my case)

Not sure if its a bug or its ment to be like that.

Several people have complained about that nonstandard window behavior since the beginnings of RM8, including myself. However, RM does not appear to have any interest in changing the behavior. They seem to like it the way it is.

My observation is that mouse pointer scrolling operation is by one individual at a time whether the click is upon the slider direction arrows or anywhere above or below the slider. The PgUp/PgDn keys, however, have a two-stage function. First keypress moves one individual at a time. Subsequent keypresses, in that same direction, scroll by a “quasi-page” number of individuals.

So really the same as pressing the click up/down on the scroll buttons.

Really weird, as it not a problem to get it working correctly, the coding is pretty simple in most languages.

Not for me (unless I’m missing/misunderstanding something). Both initial and subsequent clicks on those “triangles” (arrows), at the top and bottom of the slider button column, seem to ONLY ever advance names one position up or down (same clicking in the blank space of the slider column). The keyboard keys actually move by X number of individuals upon subsequent keypresses.

If you use the mouse scroll wheel it will move 4 places at a time.

on a mac RM8 windows continue to scroll in a very bad jerky fashion making it difficult to find broken media items by scrolling.