RM8 Seems Slow on My iMac

Using a 2021 M1 iMac, 8 GB RAM and OS 10.0.1 (Ventura). My tree is not large, only a little over 1200 Names, 666 Places and 275 Sources .

Have been using Heredis 2023 and Reunion 13, but for several reasons, have been trying RM8 (again). This week, I’ve been working trying to clean up the GEDCOM import from Heredis, specifically Places, which did not always import correctly.

When scrolling through the list of Places, the list does not scroll smoothly using my mouse and even less smoothly using the slider to the right of the list. I’ve had to split quite a few Places and the change between screens - Place List and Detail screen - can take 1-3 seconds each time.

Not sure what the cause might be. Nothing other than Safari and Apple Mail is open on my Mac. This behavior does not happen when using Heredis 2023 or Reunion 13. Is this a known problem with RM8 and specifically for RM8 on a Mac?

On the Windows version, pressing and holding the mouse button down within the slider column, anywhere above or below the slider button, (or using up/down arrow keys) seems smoothest to me. Just my opinion.

It’s working ok for me. Using a M1 macbook pro w/ 16 g memory and running Ventura, scrolling w/ touchpad – 2 fingers or slider – works smoothly, as expected. This is with several other programs and many browser tabs open. RM db has 1,000 people & 1200 Places.
You might want to make sure you’re running the latest update 8.2.7