RM8 Universal or Apple Silicon code planned soon?

RM8 is the only remaining intel code app on my M1 mac out of 25 3rd party programs. Switching to a universal code app would help some with scroll stuttering and slow program load times by eliminating the rosetta translation step.

Intel chips are going the way of buggy whips and even Windows computers will soon start using Apple/AMD style coding chips to remain competitive.

I’m running on Apple M1 chip and are not experiencing any scroll stuttering or a slow program. It’s not the rosetta translation causing the issue. How large is your database?

database is tiny 400 people. jerky scrolling on mac is a well reported RM8 feature.

RM8 takes a while to open compared to any other mac program( 17 sec M1 Pro MBOP 16GB) but then works at normal speed.

My 2nd last intel code program also used very high cpu% which dropped sharply once it was coded for mac chips.

Well reported only because Rooty reported it about 83 times. Other than that, not many others seem to have the issue. I suspect this is more than likely a hardware issue, much the same as the previously reported (by Rooty) problem with being able to upload media which corrected when he got a new router and internet.

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I support your comments but am not convinced that native ARM coding would be a cure all. My .rmtree file with 575 people is running on an M1 iMac, M2 MacBook Air and a Win 11 desktop PC. On ARM slow to load at around 10 seconds with hesitant scrolling. Try an empty .rmtree and opening, if anything, is slower at 14 seconds. Compare that with other family history software that store media files i.e. filesize around 2GB instead of the 30/40MB for my own .rmtree - instant loading/smooth scrolling. The ARM64 SoC with 8GB/16GB ram can outperform a comparable Intel home PC.

My fix re. the above - I do most of my RM8 family history on an Intel 64bit desktop PC but prefer the Apple ARM64 hardware. I would like to make a full transition to Apple and drop the PC! A talking point - Rootsmagic need to get to grips with their Apple version of RM8, either sort out the coding i.e. a dedicated universal product or drop it and concentrate on current Intel hardware (as per RM7).

Not forgetting the access violation saga - which has NOT been fixed.

The latter gets my vote. The attempt to curry favour among existing and potential Mac users has been downright injurious to the main user base for 3-4 years.


I, too, vote for the dropping of the mac version. It seems like there are quite a few problems and some unhappy mac users.

RM should concentrate of getting their flagship version up to speed and adding back all the missing bits and pieces from RM7.

Think of all the progress that could have been made if they wouldn’t have had to dink around with a mac version for a small subset of users (who mostly report using other mac genie software.)

…and maybe a 64-bit version for all of the users who are cranky about not having one.

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I wouldn’t be holding my breath on that if I were you, you are likely to turn quite blue before it happens.

In a fact based reality when one program can’t upload media (RM8) and another (FTM) has no issue using the same file and internet connection the problem child is obvious.

In a fact based reality when one program can’t upload media (RM8) and another (FTM) has no issue using the same file and internet connection the problem child is obvious.

If that’s the case then the user needs to share their file for testing so we can see what is causing the database not to upload.

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cause is RM8 can’t handle slow uploading and times out while FTM does not drop the connection. When I got 3x faster internet service RM8 was able to upload my small file before timing out.

We’re you on dial-up before?

No, @Rooty wasn’t on dialup, he had broadband. He only complained about this issue for several months and in just about every thread having to do with Mac problems. The problem disappeared once he changed his internet provider and got new hardware to connect with.

Centurylink DSL 45 MBs down/5 up. then got fiber 150 down/up. RM8 seems to have a timeout issue but FTM handles both speeds just fine.

We have users on the same speed without issue. More than likely your issue was hardware related.


I have one tree with 718 individuals and several smaller trees. My 2019 MacBook Pro with a 2.4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i5 chipset and 8 GB 2133 MHz of memory runs the latest operating system (macOS 13.0.1). My ISP is fiber optic 300 Mbps upload and download. A quick check showed that my RM8 database opens in less than 7 seconds. I find that acceptable. RM8 does use a lot of memory and occasionally the CPU gets warm but that is more an issue of the MacBook cooling system which also overheats on complex commercial webpages. While I did have problems earlier on, RM8 seems to be operating in an acceptable;e manner. Any glitches I have generally involve the RM8 Ancestry interface. I typically will use Ancestry to identify evidence related to a fact. I then download associated media onto my computer and then import the media into the RM8 created fact. I should also add that I keep my RM8 files in a dedicated RM8 folder on my desktop which exists on iCloud.

Were these mac users or windows. My issue was RM8 specific and only solved by reducing the time needed so RM8 would not drop the connection and stall.

@Rooty : can’t say I’ve noticed either issue on my Mac
The only scrolling issue I’ve noticed seems more a coding issue and one I’ve not re-tested since reporting it back in the early days was when the scrolls switched the wrong way up or down a list.
Opening speed on my M1 MacBookPro is faster than it was on my old MacBookPro (large database, some 10s of thousands of people)

I’d much rather RM8 concentrated on the remaining missing bits from RM7 and getting the Note editor more standard tthan fixing somethhing that doesn’t appear to be broken.

you have upgraded to the latest release haven’t you? These were fixed a couple of releases ago, not sure which, posslbly 8.2.5?