Mac OS Monterey

For the Mac users of RootsMagic 8 if you haven’t updated to Monterey yet then I can attest that in doing so, it does not appear to have broken RM8, at least in being able to successfully run the program and open a database. I have yet to do anything meaningful but at least the database opens and data is visible. The responsiveness of the program on opening to the Home screen is still poor >11 secs but at least it opens.

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No problems at all after updating to Monterey yesterday

Can you tell me the configuration of your iMac please to help me narrow down the issue.

So far, Monterey installed only on my MacBook:

  • 2017 12-inch, with retina display
  • 1.2 GHz dual-core Intel Core m3 processor
  • 8 GB memory
  • Intel HD Graphics

As I said, no problems that I wasn’t already having, i.e. spasms of access violation errors.

I plan to update my iMac at the weekend.


Thanks Fiona, given your MacBook is an Intel based platform I guess I need to shift my fault finding away from an architecture problem. I am now thinking perhaps a corrupt database is cause of the problem but I have yet to find the location of the hidden files so I can truly delete the application and install it from scratch.

My iMac is Intel based as well, so don’t expect any problems there either (fingers crossed).
Do you think there might be a problem with the Mac chips? My husband has a very new (last month) MacBook - I’l try and persuade him to let me download and install RM8 on it to see if anything odd happens. If my persuasion works I’ll let you know!

I have no problems with Monterey on my Intel based iMac and my M1 chip MacBook Air with RM8 so I wouldn’t be concerned with upgrading based on my experience. Still have the issue of the app being slow to open to the Home Screen.

Fiona it is impressive that monterey runs on such an upderpowered macbook as your 12 in. However some features now and many in the future will not work on intel chips.

Slow buggy RM8 is due to bugs in the program not the mac operating system.

M1 chips will not cause any problems and the surperb speed increase vs intel 40 year old x86 chip should help. It would be easy to install RM8 on your spouse’s m1 mac and he could easily uninstall it with the free Appcleaner and FindAnyFile.

My MacBook Air is an M1 chip based laptop fully speced 2Tb SSD with 16Gb RAM it should perform very well. Handles RAW image and video processing very well.

Won’t be upgrading my laptop anytime soon - a new iMac is what’s in my sights at present!

M1 24" imac is excellent but get the 8 cpu 8gpu model with 16GB ram plus whatever size ssd you need (after cleaning up your files). More ram cuts read writes to ssd and doubles it’s life.


Have an auspicious birthday coming up next year - I’ll bear your advice in mind when I’m shopping for my present!