Anyone having success with RM8 on a macOS platform?

Does anyone on this forum run RootsMagic 8 successfully on a Mac platform? I’ve tried it running Big Sur and Monterrey. I can view things in a db migrated from RM 7 but as soon I attempt to edit or add any data I get the dreaded Access Violation error.
I’d love to hear that it can be run successfully, but not holding out much hope at this point;l

The vast majority of our Mac users have no issues at all. There are however some users that experience access violation errors. We need to know what is common or unique for these users. There is a higher percentage of Mac users with multiple monitors that are experiencing errors. For now, it’s best to run RM8 with only one monitor connected. As you receive errors make sure to send in the error report. Then open a support ticket with the exact steps that will reproduce it. When we get exact steps we can also reproduce development is then able to troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

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Thank you, rzamor1. I will try unplugging my extra monitor at some point, although it would be inconvenient for me to unplug it every time I want to make an edit in RM.
I have sent many error reports. I do it every time, the pop up appears. I also submitted two support tickets, although they are now closed. (Or maybe, I reported two errors under one ticket - not sure).
For the error report I submitted yesterday, I was using RM8 on macOS 12.5, with my extra monitor. I had been running it about 3-5 minutes. I got the Access Violation when I was adding marriage information to a person record.

I have no issues. I use a Monterey v 12.4, 16GHz, 16GB. I’m new to the program & learning as I go. I imported family search & so far so good. Adding resources & citations is confusing but I see videos available to walk me through this issue. Good luck.

The access violation crashes are a pretty common experience for mac users, unique to RM8 app and triggered by many different actions or non-actions.

It generally works for me on my Intel Mac running Monterey. It crashes sometimes for me, usually when dealing with citations, but not enough to keep my from using it. The hard part on fixing these is that even if the developers get the crash information, they pretty much have to be able to reproduce it to fix it. Does the crash when adding marriage information happen with you add the marriage to anyone or just certain with certain records?

It seems like are a few users with mac/rm issues. Would it be possible for Renee to let us know how many mac users RM has? That way we might know if it an issue with only a subset of mac users.

I’m running on a M1 Mac 32G…I avoid a lot of the DB errors by clicking some were else the individual after I add a fact of fact source. That forces a write to the database. you can see it when the info appears on the on the screen.

simple perusal of topics here show that mac users generally have AV crashes and other windows nonsense preventing effective use of RM8.

My point was that there are only a few users on this site reporting these issues. They may be widespread, they may not. We have no way of knowing unless we know how many mac users there are and what percentage are experiencing the issues.

The beta versions worked on my Mac Mini running Mavericks, but I couldn’t get the finalised versions of RM8 to work properly - eg they wouldn’t connect to the internet for RM updates, messages etc. Eventually I got an old MacBookPro and installed Mojave, and RM8 is fine with it. It’s still not easy to use of course, since it contravenes so many Mac software conventions.

Whenever I edit anything on RM8, particularly adding images, I get a violation error on my MacBook Pro (Monterey 12.5) and have to exit.

I don’t think I have lost any data yet and always share the error report.

I use RM8 on my iMac and my M1 MacBook Air. I frequently get violation errors. They are less frequent now than they were when RM8 was first released, but they still happen. It is difficult to see why they happen but I’d say they mostly happen when you close editing a person. I have tried making sure a fact is properly saved/written to disk before closing but that doesn’t stop it happening. I read that storing the database in the cloud (Dropbox, iCloud - that one is tricky to avoid on a Mac but I did create a folder that didn’t sync to iCloud) but I still get these errors when the database is not in the cloud. It would seem to me the errors increase the longer the database is open. I have no extra monitors and I always let the programme report the errors.

I am not sure that I understand what you base this assertion on. I am getting the same violation errors that everyone else on this and other threads are finding. These errors occur randomly but frequently whenever you finishing adding to the database or editing the database.

RM8 seems to have a gedcom export problem on mac. I have ported my FTM 2019 file via gedcom to RM8 and cleaned it up with the data tools. However pulling that file back into FTM via gedcom gave me 600 errors and a file quite different in size and properties.
FTM original 72MB…RM8 9MB…FTM from RM8 115 MB

A gedcom port from FTM and RM8 to macfamilytree yielded files of 0.8 vs 1.33GB! Note that MFT puts the actual media files 0.8GB) into the database.MFT version 10 is a complete redo of the program so I am looking at it as a possible alternative to FTM.

My conclusion is that using RM8 data tools for cleanup and re-importing back to FTM is a non-starter.

I’ve been following your struggles on attempting to use RM8 on a mac. It seems like you have other mac software that works and you are only using RM8 to find errors in your db. I’m the kind of guy that likes to stick with something until I somehow get it to work. Based on your posts I would have got rid of RM8 a long time ago, if I were you. That amount of aggravation and negative energy would be too much for me. I have to give you credit for sticking with it.

When creating the GEDCOM in RM8 to export into another program are you unchecking the box “Extra details (RM specific)”.