RM8 on Mac Continues to be Unstable

I really like RM8 and how it displays. BUT watching Bruce show off the Windows version in videos and then trying out the demonstrated features is a huge disappointment. Instead of replaying each feature I get access violation crashes and another crash report to send. It is 6 months into the supposed finished program release and 6 weeks since the last bug fix update with no end in sight for mac users. I can live with most of the non-standard design choices but not with an unstable program that crashes repeatedly. It would also be nice to be able to upload a tree to Ancestry with media but that also still fails. I am now on a fast DSL service (50 down…5 up) but my tiny 370 people database with 500 PDF and JPG images still fails every time. FTM 2019 syncs this tree up and down without any fuss.

My mac is the latest MBP 14 M1 PRO 16GB ram 500GB ssd with all software current and nothing else phases it. I have 3 Intel only programs (FTM2019, RM8, Doxie GO) but only RM8 is a CPU hogging stumbling app.

I have the same issue! Older Mac, with a large database - text based though, with few media files. LOTS of crashes, and slow, slow, slow operation. New glitch today: Notes field will not ‘hold’ expansion so that additional info can be added at the bottom. As soon as I try to place cursor at the bottom of the existing text, the screen changes to a minimum view. Very frustrating!

RM8 did speed up when I switched from a 2014 MBP intel room heater to a 2022 mbp 14 in M1 Pro. However the frequent AV crashes did not improve and the program is still a slow to load resource hog. If only we could get an update that fixed these mac crashes.

I’m using an iMac with macOS 12.3.1, I7 3.2 GHz, 16GB ram and 1T HD. RM8 is current at

I recently created a new DB by importing my FS tree. To my surprise the import finished but the CPU and virtual memory used make no sense:

This is the first time that I have imported a tree from FS. It looks like it stopped after generation 100 (98 greats). I have not been updating this DB but editing my other DBs are creating many failure reports. Some of them uploaded to Apple (which seemed odd to me).

I have much to learn about RM8 but I like many of the features and reports.