I'm done trying. RM8 is not usable

I’m done. EVERYTHING in RM8 takes too long, with long delays waiting for the program to respond, takes more clicks, is buried under unnecessary screens, etc. I’ve spent 2-1/2 days trying to acclimate to this new mess, and have accomplished about an hour or two’s work in RM7. This isn’t worth an upgrade, and I’m going back to RM7.

Goodbye, RM8.

And, what’s the point of requiring me to pick an “optional” tag that doesn’t fit my post. The only tag that would apply is “frustration” and it’s not available.


I just saw your post. I too have raised a similar concern and suspect that there are many others.

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Agree - the slowness is extremely frustrating. I thought at first it was my system, but now I realize it is the program.

Is there a suggested minimum hardware requirement for RM8? I am having no issues, in fact it is way faster than Family Tree Maker. My machine is fairly new. It is understandable that new software will likely place a larger load on the system but it might alleviate some frustration if people had some idea if their system can handle it without becoming annoyingly slow. Wondering if people are finding RM8 slow on Windows or Macs and, if so, what OS versions?

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Here’s my Win10 System Info - this is a pretty good, fairly recent computer.

  • Win10 Pro
  • Intel i5 @ 3.3GHz
  • 32 GB Ram

Interesting, I am using

Windows 10 Home Edition
AMD Ryzen 5 4600H
16 GB Ram

256GB SSD (Drive C:)

Similar problems on the mac version which does not behave like any normal mac program and has slow jerky scrolling among other issues.

The problem with remaining with RM7 for windows users is it will have a short future life. Bruce will stop supporting it to save cost and people to cope with his RM8 problems. Also Win 11 will probably raise issues.

Bye Gary, thanks for your posts whilst you were here. RM8 is working fine for me.

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I will be visiting this forum periodically, but I’ll wait for a bunch of incremental updates before I try RM8 again.

With a lot more clicks than before.

No guarantees from me, but Microsoft has a history of supporting past versions for several years. If they do, then sticking with RM7 will be a decent interim solution while we wait for RM8 to mature and to meet the various goals, wishes, and promises made…

Microsoft employs approximately 181,000 people in full-time positions. That’s just one or two more than RootsMagic.


RM7 is stable and familiar. It’s true that I’ve submitted Wish List requests that weren’t filled, but the version works quite well.
Will any of my Wish List requests make it into RM8? Is there a chance that DraftKings wants to get in on this?

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This is true, but there is one thing to consider. It is by no means certain this interim solution will be available for a super long time. Rootsmagic has stated that they are not planning any more updates to RM7 after the latest one they released. It was released to fix the broken link to Ancestry which was introduced when Ancestry updated their API. This is not the first time Ancestry has unilaterally made updates which have left RM and Family Tree Maker scrambling to catch up.

So… I would suggest that the chances of that happening again in the future are something to be considered. If so, and if Rootsmagic sticks to their plan, then at some point we can expect a disruption which will not be fixed. For those who don’t use Treeshare to connect to Ancestry there would be no impact, but for those who do rely on it, it will effectively end the use of RM7.

I don’t rely on Treeshare, but I do use it from time to time to maintain a tree on ancestry for research. That is one reason I think it is worth my while investing some time in figuring out RM8, even if I am not sure it has met all expectations in it initial release.

First, Ancestry did not recently break the API. Turns out it was a server issue. So says Michael Booth.

Second, even if the Ancestry API is broken for RM7, that does not “effectively end the use of RM7”. If this happens, and I am sure it will at some point, is is no big deal to transfer to RM8, TreeShare it, then go on working in RM. People will just need to learn to manually enter the Ancestry info, which they should have been doing all along.

Exactly the point I was trying to make, albeit awkwardly. :grinning:

I think it will take more than a couple of days to get used to the new version. However, there are many issues with the new version, but most seem minor --at least for me. I have moved to RM8 and do all my work there. No show stoppers, but some efficiency hurdles that is annoying but hopefully will be ironed out soon (i.e. wrong tab index in some forms, no support for double-click to select from a list, no county check, access violation errors when copy’n paste from within RM8, etc.).
The program is a bit sluggish compared to RM7, but that seems to be more the UI than the database. I run RM8 mostly on a Core 5 notebook with 16 GB of RAM and a SSD disk. I suspect many with older notebooks will struggle more, at least due to the experience using RM7 which was quite fast.

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Good points. My database is pretty large, and I don’t know how much that affects the program’s speed. After 33 years of collecting data, I’m tracking family lines of my ancestors, as well as those of cousins, friends, and even friends of friends. This hobby is time-consuming, and I really enjoy sharing what I have learned and documented…

I am running mac 10.15.7 with no problems with speed. The constant exception errors are a pain though

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