My 5 Cents Worth regarding RM8

I apologize for wasting everyone’s time with this comment, but I’m a full blown fan of RM8.
Yes it has prob, the developers have work to do, but considering the huge platform change in migrating from RM7, I’m glad I took the leap into full-time RM8 several months ago. And during the winter months, I use prob 5-6 days/week.
Bruce and team, Thanks


I agree. I thank Bruce and the team every time I use some of the (new) features of RM8 (which is often). MUCH MUCH MUCH better. I cannot imagine how hard it is to convert all this and at the same time make it compatible with RM7 on BOTH the Windows and Apple platforms. Good job, guys. Thank you!!

It’s not really compatible with RM7 since it uses an entirely different database schema. It just sorta works like RM7.

You must be a windows user with low software expectations.

Bruce might be wise to drop the attempt at a mac version to concentrate on fixing the windows version for his main customer base.

RM8 [quote=“Rwcrooks, post:3, topic:6167”]
uses an entirely different database schema.
[/quote] from RM7.

No. “Somewhat different” would be more accurate. I estimate over 80% of table names and field definitions are identical. There are some sqlite queries I wrote for RM4 that work with RM8 without modification.