No RM8 Updates for 2 months

What has happened to the update process? Mac users still suffer from major bugs (multiple access violations crashes; media failing upload to ancestry) but there have been no updates with even minor fixes like the ability to delete task folders since March.

I hope a major effort is underway to finally kill unacceptable mac crash bugs ported from Windows.

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Yes, an interesting question. I am hoping, as you are, that some significant reworking of the internals has been happening as well as fixing some of the many reported issues.

Time will tell. Patience.

Yes, it has been over two months since we have seen anything change. Prior to this updates were coming out monthly or more frequently. I find myself checking for updates almost every day…


Maybe RM development was holding out for the love and joy that is Microsoft’s .NET Maui so they can move back to a normal programming language and leverage the built in tools to do cross platform development. Then, not only Windows and Mac users, but Android and iPad users can rejoice! Those Linux fanboys don’t need to genealogy software!!!

If you have noticed, a lot of the errors occur when you add a source to a fact. I have a work around for Mac users that works most of the time. When you add or make any changes to an individual, the last thing you want to do is add one more fact and then delete it. I think this forces everything to write to the database. It appears to me that they are trying to link a source to a fact before the fact has been written to disk. I tried to tell them as I was a programmer before I retired and used DB2.

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I also have noticed a lot of multiple access violations crashes. Enough that I have given up using RootMagic and gone back to another program for my work. I too have anticipated updates to correct the access crashes. I have been a long time RootsMagic user, but if the bugs can’t be corrected, it is time to move on. Just my thoughts.


Today marks three months since the last minor update of RootsMagic 8. Hope everything is okay.


Everything is fine. Development has been working hard in the background. I know we have all gotten use to monthly updates. This next one will simply have 3 months worth combined together.

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Thanks for the update.