Using RM8 on a Mac

Hopefully, the moderators will let my question be posted.
I’m on an M1 iMac and using OS 13.0.1 (Ventura). Previously, I was a RM7 user, but the change to RM8 and all of its associated problems moved me to other genealogy software. Now that RM8 has been out for awhile, I thought that I’d take a look at it again, with the hope that the software was, finally, running properly on Macs. As I review the current (less than 6 months old) threads in this community, I wonder if that is the case. Does RM8 run properly on a Mac and would you recommend using it?

The best thing to do is try it. We are no longer receiving the large number of AV errors on the Mac. If you use RM with more than one monitor you may experience some.

Runs fine for me on both iMac with an M1 chip and MacBook Air with an M1 chip. I’m using OS 12.6.1 (latest Monterey).

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It’s been fine for me as long as I run it on my laptop screen. If I move it to the external monitor I get Access Violations whenever I add a fact or accept a location suggestion. And both of those are things I do all the time, so I can’t make use of all that screen real estate. :frowning_face:

I only recommend using it if you have the patience of Job. Like you I tried other softwares, but was unsatisfied, and returned to RM8, I was a tester for a short time, although there have been some improvement I think there is still a long way to go. I can’t go a single day without getting at least a couple of error messages out of the blue. Particularly when I am nearing the end of something I am doing and only want to complete it. The message comes up every time I move to the next item. I find the RM7 was far superior because you could actually find all the features you are looking for easily. If you do find them but don’t use them all the time then you tend to forget where they are and end up wasting time looking for them.

I have to say, this has not been my experience at all. Since the update before last (8.2.6?) I very rarely get AV errors - can’t remember when I last had one.