Convert *.rmtree to *.rmgc?

Is it possible to convert *.rmtree to *.rmgc, or would I have to re-enter the 250 people I have added while on RM8 (and all the other edits)? I’d like to go back to RM7 until I’m happier with RM8.

  1. try a gedcom export to RM7 or create a new RM7 file from your current RM8 ancestry tree and see which is least messed up.
  2. RM8 is still very much a work-in progress and I would not use it as my master database for 6 to 12 months.

I am watching the videos and periodically porting my FTM 2019 master file to RM8 on my mac but only to see how the problems are going. I like RM8 but slow jerky behaviour and awkward media addition…display are keeping me away for now. The pedigree view is great and I use that and hints to guide me in updating FTM.

Thanks, I hadn’t thought of using gedcom.

All software or programs or apps however you wish to describe them are works in progress. My Samsung Android phone had 16 apps requiring updates yesterday morning.

Windows Android users have different expectations than Mac OS iOS users. People used to weekly terrible Tuesday OS updates that often break the OS are not troubled by beta software that routinely hiccups and crashes. Normal mac software runs smooth and crash free with occasional updates for bugs that were hardly noticed. RM8 on mac does not behave like any other mac program, has jerky scrolling and crashes frequently. It is still definitely a beta version. I have hope for the future but we are not there yet.

It also doesn’t happen on all Macs, so the question is ‘what is different on the Macs where it does happen?’. If it were program only, then it would happen on all Macs. We need to share the blame between hardware and software.

Problem is RM8 software not being mac compliant. This is the only app which has exhibited such behavior in 7 years. I doubt any macs run this app well.

Actually it appears that those running it poorly are a minority, at least per the chatter in the Facebook group. Again, and I know you are a rabid, drooling Mac fanboy, if the program were not mac compatible, it wouldn’t work on any Mac…yet it does. So, again, what is different about those that don’t run it well. Their owners, maybe?

Facebook chatter is hardly a worthy barometer of anything not inane. Pause…sorry I had to clean up my macboy drool.

Just for information, IBM the former pc company is also an Apple fan. They have found that macs last 2-3x longer, cost 90% less to support and now with the M1 chips will use significantly less power.

RM8 on a mac behaves like a 20 year old chevy pickup limping down the road looking for it’s next repair shop instead of like a new Toyota zipping along with 10K miles between minor service.

From the FAQS:
[Community Guidelines]
This is a community where you can connect with other RootsMagic users to ask questions, share ideas, and discuss how to use the software. Please limit your posts or comments to discussion about RootsMagic and its products only. Discussion on research methodology, DNA, surname help, other companies or products, or other general genealogy topics is not permitted.

On your Mac, yes. However if it weren’t compliant, it wouldn’t be limping anyplace…and it certainly wouldn’t be running on other people’s machines. So that leads me to believe it isn’t all the program’s fault. But the hardware/owner. So simply put, stop using it and stay with FTM or whatever it was that you use. As for Macs lasting 2-3 times longer, they damn well better since they cost 5 times as much.

Well I guess you will just have to limp along until someone finds it worthwhile to build and market a Mac genealogy program that fully meets your requirements. Your Windows bashing, Mac praising is becoming tedious.


The 3 other genealogy programs I use (FTM 2019, Heredis and MacFamilyTree) all run smoothly as normal mac programs fully compliant with menus and preferences and the latter 2 are updated yearly. FTM seems to be on a 2 year cycle.

Why do so many of you waste so much time squabbling over which OS is best? Just grow up and accept that different people prefer different software.


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In 1997, with Apple on the verge of bankruptcy, Bill Gates stepped up with a $150 million investment. Not only did it save Apple, it cemented Jobs’ return. I think we can all learn from what Jobs said:
“We have to let go of a few notions here. We have to let go of the notion that for Apple to win, Microsoft needs to lose.”

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How true!
I’ve been a dyed in the wool Mac user for about 15 years, but I would never quibble over other people’s preference.
It’s the constant childish bickering, first in the FB group and now here, that I find hard to take

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