RM8 on a MacBook Pro (Monterey) with an M1 chip

Are there any issues with running RM8 on a MacBook Pro (Monterey) with an M1 chip? I’m currently running RM8 on 2012 MacBook Pro (Mojave) and need to update.

RM8 will run no different on Monterey, with an M1 chip.

you should be ok and will find a current M1 mac a great improvement. The last update fixed the mac deal killer access violation crashes.

Remember that Mojave is the last OS version that runs 32 bit applications so if any are important to you they will die. One example is Overdrive for library books to download to a mobile device. you will have to use Libby which is a great app but does not allow separate downloads.

Thanks to both of you. I am keeping my old MacBook to run some things, but I’m glad to hear that I can move RM onto my new computer without problems.