M1 MacBook running RM8

I have just finished setting up my new MacBook Pro. I set it up as a desktop, with an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. RM8 is running using Apple’s Rosetta. I have been using RM8 heavily for the last week. Almost ALL of the database errors have disappeared. The new computer has 32G of ram. When looking at the activity monitor it Is using close to 24G for the app and cache. My old MAC computer had only 24G and it had database errors all of the time. Just aFYI

That is just ridiculous. That RM8 squanders RAM (in Windows, too, but not as badly) is widely known. Your observation puts a metric on it.

What size is your .rmtree file?

80K individual in my database

That’s a trivial size relative to the RAM consumed. Something seriously amiss with the software.

What a waste of your MBP power. You should have bought an M1 iMac with 16 GB ram to get M1 power and a great display, keyboard and trackpad. RM8 is very bad at cpu usage but does not use much ram. You are misreading activity monitor or have something very wrong in your setup. Call Apple support.

Did you install security software on the Mac? Make sure RM is in the exclusions list.

Good point Renee! No security software should be installed and active on the mac for best results. The OS takes care of that and 3rd party software hogs resources and hinders the OS. Under Security & Privacy turn on the firewall. RM8 does not need any special access.

No security software. I had a 27" iMac with 24G I thought the new iMac display was to small. New monitor is 32". I do a lot of split screen work and I edit photos and videos.
Perhaps Time Machine was running.

What is the recommended config for a MacBook Pro - what op system, amt of memory, amt of disk, etc. I am looking to upgrade from older MacBook Pro (around early 2015) using current version of Monterey. I use RM8 but no Rosetta. Your thoughts? Am abending more with RM8 8.2.0 than before on earlier versions of RM8… should I upgrade now or wait? Marian

Marian, that like who long a piece of string you need. When you transfer your old image to your new computer, the computer install Rosetta the first time you use RM8. I recovered using a “time machine” image. Faster than WIFI. It Installed all of the configs for Email, WIFI, iCloud. The amount of disk should be based on what you are currently using. It’s SSD. I have 32G. I get hammered for waisting my money. I also got a external monitor. The letters are to small for me to read. Even on the 16". And I plan for this to be the last computer I get. I’m 76. Been around computers since I was 18.

  1. choose screen size; imac 24" for older eyes but not mobile; 14" pro if used to 13" or M2 Air if OK with 13" and fewer ports. MBP 16 is overkill for most users and costly.
  2. OS will be whatever is current when you buy: Monterey now; Ventura in January.
  3. You are using Rosetta since RM8 is intel only code. It only translates once.
  4. M1…M2 chips use RAM much more efficiently so 8GB is ~OK but 16GB is a better choice.
  5. SSD size determined by space you are currently using AFTER you clean up any digital junk. Get at least 512GB so you can keep >50% free.
  6. When to buy: M2 iMac and Pro coming near yearend. Follow MacRumors buyer’s guide.

I just couldn’t handle the dinky screens. But I think 16G of memory and 1T of SSD would be the minimum. Especially since the computer can’t be upgraded after. Nothing worse than ending up with a computer that runs out of capacity. DO NOT run tight of SSD capacity. The 16" was about $600 more. Took me not time to use up all of the ports. I know, you can buy splitters.

No one has found the 24" iMac lacking in screen size. See Mark Ellis reviews.

The current macs all have a good assortment of ports: hdmi; sd; usb c; magsafe ac. All I needed was a single USB hub and a USB A to C adapter.

This will be my last post on this thread.

I love my 32" Samsung monitor. It’s HDMI

I use a HD for Time Machine. Don’t need any speed for a backup plus I’m not sure what happens to a SSD when it’s full. Time Machine Machine has saved me a few times.

There are absolutely no memory swaps to the SSD with 32G of memory.

I knew the hub thing was coming.

Go here and look